Happy dialogue with the Kazakh brand “2happykz”


From friendship to business, and from business to friendship? This is how the history of the 2happykz brand , which is so loved by the residents of Kazakhstan, began. I met with Aliya Kabidoldanova and Tatyana Nurumova at the 2happykz Show-Room to find out how the idea of ​​creating a brand came about, what branded item from 2happy every girl can do without, why a brand should take part in exhibitions and markets, and about many other things. friend.


K.M. — Tell us about the birth of the 2happy brand.

Tatyana : It all started with friendship. I am also a journalist by education, but then I went into the economy, into my business.
Aliya : And I’m a designer.
Tatyana: We had a very cool collaboration (joint work), we joined our efforts and thought about how we can sew something that we can wear ourselves. The problem was that there was simply no such thing, and the market was mostly fake. If you make a premium segment, then it is insanely expensive, but I wanted to combine everything in clothes, such a sporty chic. And to the feast, and to the world! We decided for about a year, then over a bottle of wine we calculated everything, thought it over and, first of all, developed a logo. Initially, we wanted to launch a collection of T-shirts and lightness with color printing, but on good fabric. Unfortunately, they simply didn’t do it in Almaty then. Perhaps something has already changed. We are close to China and we flew there to order a huge number of tags and packages.
Alia: Yes, this is how we started, we decided that we needed packages. We ordered and delivered so many of them that at first we did not know what to do with. Now, perhaps we would have made a better design, would have taken a different material, but since we already have them, we still use them.
Tatyana : That’s how it all started and our first customers were girlfriends, relatives. They supported us and didn’t even ask for a discount. And then, our friend opened the show-room, one of the first, and helped us with sales. Our clothes quickly came to taste. We have been working for the fourth year, then we started in May and already, approximately, in July we were already recognized.

K.M. Girl “2happy”, who is she?

Tatyana : The girl is so different, cheerful, purposeful and very happy!
Aliya : Active and she has no age!
Tatyana : Exactly, girls from 15 to 70 years old love our clothes.
Aliya : Yes, we have such regular customers!

K.M. Now there are quite a lot of new brands, how to distinguish a fake (trick) from the original?

Aliya : I think it should have its own zest, its own style, handwriting and, of course, the quality of tailoring, textiles.
Tatyana : Many of our clients are ready to buy things on Instagram, but they are initially afraid to buy, especially if they have previously encountered poor-quality purchases via the Internet. We assure that they will not regret, and if, suddenly, something does not fit, then we will make a return. So, in response, we hear a lot of rave reviews, people are happy and even say that our things can be turned inside out and worn! We are very careful about the quality of our models.


K.M. Have you taken part in MBFW Almaty and perhaps, for example, you have a desire to show yourself closer to Europe?

Tatyana : When our brand was two years old, we were invited to take part in Fashion Week. It was an experience, adding moments to the history of the brand, recognition.
Aliya : In fact, it was just interesting, so that a lot of customers would increase after the show, so no. Here, just closer to Europe, we would not refuse!


K.M. There is a lot of black in your collections in pure or combined form. Is it the love of versatility?

Tatyana : This is a very philistine opinion that black is boring. He can tell a lot!
Aliya : Black color is multifaceted, you can make any clothes out of it and it will look strict and bright at the same time.


K.M. You have your own showroom. And what is better for a brand – its own store or a promoted multi-brand boutique?

Tatyana : On the one hand, a multi-brand store is cool. This, of course, is a big flow and recognition. For advertising, this is ideal, but rent in large stores is crazy. But, when there is personal contact with the client and we communicate, it is much better and more pleasant.
Aliya : All our clients become our friends!

K.M. You often take part in various exhibitions and fashion markets. Advertising is good, but is it so profitable from the commercial side?

Tatyana : Something is good for advertising purposes, and something for sales. It seems that we have already traveled to all such events and, by trial and error, have chosen those that suit us best.
Aliya : We chose several events for ourselves, in which we began to take part. In Astana, a small collection is presented in a design store, so people are waiting for us to see the entire range, all the new items.

K.M. Who is your guru in the fashion world?

Aliya : since our clothes are in the style of “sport chic”, Stella McCartney, YAMOMOTO, Alexander McQueen are closer to us. These designers are inspiring. But, since I studied to be an artist, I have already developed my own handwriting. And, therefore, even if you really wanted to do something like that, then, anyway, you get something of your own, you can’t hide the handwriting anywhere!

K.M. Name, without which thing every fashionista cannot do without this fall?

Tatyana : These are our branded high-waisted trousers made of knitwear and raincoat fabric.
Aliya : We have been sewing them for the third year already and we definitely cannot do without them!

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