Дамели Султанбекова: «Мы делаем вещи, которые хочется носить каждый день..»


A modern, convenient, practical, affordable, stylish, ambitious brand that blurs the boundaries between our countries and stands for an international tandem: «Almaty-Kiev».

1. Dameli, your brand is called «Almaty-Kiev». Is this the second wind of international friendship?

I am from Almaty and my partner Denis is from Kyiv. Almaty is my hometown. Kyiv, though not quite Denis’s hometown, is very beautiful and magnificent with a very long history. In general, our brand is called AK for short. On the Kazakh AK — white. In our language, all the kindest and best wishes begin with AK. Our «Concept Store Designers United» and it is AK that occupies most of it. But our philosophy is to be open to all designers, and especially to beginners and those who are interested in the Kazakhstani market in general. By the way, the first ones that appeared with us were three brands from friends from Ukraine.


2. What criteria do you use to select collections for Concept Store?

Both pricing and style play a role. We do not sell evening dresses, rhinestones. We are interested in a certain design and the quality of clothes plays a huge role. This is the first thing we pay attention to, namely: fabric, tailoring quality, individuality. We really do not want the models in our «Concept Store» to be repeated. The way people come with different preferences, abilities, age category, physique. Pricing policy is important because we occupy an average price niche and the brands that will be presented with us must fit into this picture.
We make things that you want to wear every day.


3. What designers can be seen at your place?

Now, basically, we sell our brand AK. While we are changing the location and by March a few more designers will join our team, I can’t name names yet, as negotiations are underway. Perhaps it will be one Russian brand, two Ukrainian and three Kazakh brands, in addition to ours. Today we sell Marina Dyachko, she knits cardigans. In addition, she also patented her pattern. The next brand is Matveeva Fine Garment, a duet of Denis Trepakov and Sonya Matveeva. They are very wonderful guys, once they came and shot their collection in our mountains.


4. I know that you are now closing for a move. How will you please your customers when opening in a new place?

When we open, we will definitely make an official event to which we will invite clients, journalists, friends. We will delight you with meetings with designers, new interesting models and next year we will make a show. But, until I begin to think about anything, since I am a believer and I understand that we expect, and God disposes.



5. Perhaps you suggest, help clients with the choice of image?

I noticed a trend that people initially look at photos in the networks of some models, and when they come to us, they buy radically different ones. I’m already pretty calm about it. It happens that a girl wants to take one dress, but it does not suit her, not her color, style, etc. We always offer customers to try on all the models we have. Because a person always knows what suits him best and what he really needs. And when it is already determined with a choice, then we complete it all. For example: a dress of our brand, a jacket — Ukrainian, and a bag — Russian.



6. While Concept Store Designers United is under renovation, where can your customers update their wardrobe?

Now we will be located in the showroom of Dima Vaganov. This is our very good friend, the DJ. He opened the Mint showroom, located on Nauryzbay Batyr Street. Now we are still negotiating with two showrooms, we do not yet know which one we will stop at, but we will definitely make an announcement for customers by all means.


7. On your Facebook page it says: «we are the ones who create street fashion.» What is your understanding of street fashion in Almaty?

We say this because the street is a free platform where a huge number of interesting people gather and they can show themselves. Whenever you see a person on the street, you somehow perceive him. What we do can be put on both in a feast and in the world. I repeat that we do not make evening and wedding dresses, but we create cocktail dresses. In our clothes, you can safely walk from the office to the coffee shop.

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