Ukrainian Sicily or, as a designer from Ukraine, conquered the Italian island


What is Ukrainian Sicily like? I am sure that everyone has their own idea of ​​Sicily, which mostly consists of movies, books and just stories of people who have been there…

2021, Italy, Sicily, the first joint show of Ukrainian designers Valentina Honcharuk (Ukraine, Odesa) and Svitlana Hrabar (Ukraine, Kyiv) as part of the project “Taormina internazional fashion 2021”, organizer Tonino Galli — /tonino.galli   ….

For Svitlana Hrabar, a designer from Kyiv, this was the first catwalk in her life. A sea of ​​emotions, worries and plans…. By the way, as part of the “Taormina international fashion 2021” project, this was also the first show of designers from Ukraine, perhaps the audience did not immediately understand why the models were wearing Ukrainian crowns and the designers bowed with the national flag (photo)… This was the first acquaintance of the Sicilian fashion public with Ukraine…. And ahead were plans for 2022….

On February 23, Valentina Honcharuk and Svitlana Hrabar boarded the Kyiv-Milan plane at 11:00 p.m. to introduce the Milanese fashion public to their Ukrainian creativity. After 4 days, the designers had to return home and implement their plans in 2022…. It was supposed to be like that, but who knew that on February 24, the lives of all Ukrainians would be divided into before … and after …, regardless of where this date found you ….

So, Milan on February 24…., the show is scheduled for the 25th…., refusal to show …., no strength …., There is one big PAIN ….. and the understanding that you are not in Ukraine and you are not with your people … ..

Tonino Galli was one of the first who helped to get out of the state of stupor and the desire to move – to LIVE with the offer to accept help and come to Sicilia, Italy, the city of Zafferana. We will not describe the way from Milan to Sicily through half of Europe (it will require a separate section) …. Here the paths of our designers diverge a little and then we will talk about the designer of accessories – hats and handbags crocheted by Svitlana Hrabar.

Svetlana continues to create products. The local way of life, the sun, the sea air, the local dialect and color inspire her to create two new unique collections of accessories Ukrainian Sicilia and HVILYA.

She creates a new crochet technique with elements of Sicilian history.

From August 24 to 29, Tonino Galli holds its next project “Taormina internazional fashion 2022”, and invites Svitlana to take part in the show as a special guest from Ukraine, presenting to the public a unique collection of accessories UKRAINIAN SICILY and THE WAVE. The public welcomed the Ukrainian designer very warmly 

TM  msm.look  and appreciated the presented collection.

We can only add that the collections created by Svetlana are a tribute and thanks to Italy, Sicily and Tonino Galli. And what’s ahead? PLANS, PLANS and their implementation….

Iryna Novikova, information producer

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