Social networks and personal life: where is the line of what is permitted?


In the modern world, social networks occupy a huge part of our lives: work, communication with friends, searching for information, ordering goods, tickets and meeting new people.

That’s right, we’ll talk about dating. Where is the line between what is permitted and “just to see” if you have a wonderful soulmate. I talked to people from different countries and asked the same questions: “What does social media mean to you? Is it okay to add new strangers on social media if you’re in a relationship? How does your partner react to this? What would you say to make your loved one add new people of the opposite sex “just for fun”?”

Here we go?

1 . Stanislav, 32, Milan

  I think online dating is stupid. I confess that I had several attempts, but usually the conversation started to go in the wrong direction. Therefore, I believe that you need to get acquainted only live. I never add any girls for “just to see”. And, if some guys do this, then I can give advice to the girls: “So load your boyfriend in every sense so that he doesn’t even have time to look at someone there .”

   2 . Arsen, 28 years old, Almaty

If I am in a relationship with a girl, then I respect myself and my choice and will never add anyone. And why do it?! I’m mentally ok (laughs). I will say this – if my girlfriend signed up or added some insignificant guys, then I definitely would not like it!  

3. Elena, 43 years old, Kyiv

 Social networks for me are, first of all, a platform for communicating with friends whom I rarely see, and a working tool. Many business issues are now resolved in social networks. Yes, it’s fine if they’re from the industry you’re in or focus groups. My half knows that I do not abuse social media for personal gain. Moreover, any transition to the personal in social networks only annoys me. For my part, he would definitely consider it a provocation that I add unfamiliar men, because nothing happens “just like that”. And two hundred and fifty new Eastern guys as friends is a frank challenge.

4 .  Mikhail, 35 years old, Odessa

  Never understood men who add or follow girls “just to look”! Well, this is nonsense! In my social networks only people I know.

5 . Dima, 30 years old, Moscow

I am a public person, and before, I signed up for the promotion of my page, for connections. Now I don’t really do it! Usually in a relationship they were jealous of me, again due to the fact that the artist. Yes, on stage I am more liberated, but in life everything is completely different. I’ve been in a relationship with total control, but I have nothing to hide. I just have girlfriends, like you, Chris, but I’m not a womanizer. I think that the line of what is permitted is if you start writing to someone, offer something, and if they ask you about your status, and you are silent, or you say that you are free. I think that even if there is a girl with whom you have chemistry, then why the rest?!

6. Olesya, 30 years old, Chisinau.                                    We have very big relationship problems because of Instagram. My man is categorically against me running a page! He doesn’t have one, he only has a Facebook profile. In my Instagram, I signed exclusively for the guys I know, and he doesn’t even like it. As for men, I believe that a self-sufficient man will not waste his time on this kind of dating   and some unfamiliar girls on social networks just to “look”! For me, this is not a man at all! And if he adds unfamiliar girls, then this is already a disease!

7. Ivan, 25 years old, Zaporozhye  

  I don’t see anything wrong with social media. Subscriptions, and even likes, do not carry anything. Many men like to just look, but if he has a beautiful girlfriend, then he does not need another. There are moments of weakness or just bored, and you like someone or even write, but that’s it!

8 . Sasha, 31, Odessa

  I signed up initially in order to promote my page with the possibility of selling it in the future. This goal has now been abandoned. Yes, girls write to me. Apparently the fame of me is spreading (laughs). Right now I’m at work, and I was invited to champagne with a cake,  but I don’t know if I’ll go. At home, there is someone to wait for me (I’m not married yet). In general, this is a difficult question, you can’t figure it out without a hundred grams (laughs). So I invite you to discuss this topic “under a glass.”    You know what men are dreamers, you can’t trust us at all! If they offer, why refuse? Although, if I have everything that I need, then I think I will refuse!

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