Joint project of the Fashion House “SophyG” and artist Yana Lande


Prayer for insensibility by Yana Lande & SophyG: multimedia & fashion in the territory of art
Prayer for insensibility is a project by artist Yana Lande and fashion house SophyG that combines photography, fashion, installation and performance that will become the center of attention in the Kiev space Tuzov Gallery (Tyutyunnik St., 51/1) during October 25–26.

The official opening will take place on Friday at 18:00.
The inspiration for the artists was the philosophy of the Baroque. Handel’s oratorio “The Triumph of Time and Disappointment” served to rethink classical traditions in the context of modernity. The emphasis is on the meaning of the word disinganno, which does not have a direct translation into Russian and includes such a concept as disappointment – in the sense of deprivation of seduction, loss of interest in worldly pleasures, which means approaching the “truth”. In the modern version, the libretto for the oratorio uses the word “Insensibility” – it most clearly matches the essence of the artist’s work, which, as a mirror of Truth, only reflects reality without elevating it to evaluative categories.
“Four main actors: Insensibility, Beauty, Pleasure and Time. The four components of the exhibition do not oppose each other today, but are integral parts of one whole.”

— Insensitivity as wisdom, unconditional truth
“In our works we try to get away from the gender perception of beauty — there is no temptation, no desire and no passion. There is a space of inclusion in the world, total love irrespective of anything. Love for life, for death, for the transition from life to death and vice versa. And there is no need to stop the moment, prolong the peak of pleasure, try to slow down life. Beautiful life and death. And great wisdom is to accept their cyclicality.
— Insensitivity as a renunciation of passions
“If we rise above our usual struggle: good/evil, beauty/ugliness, good/bad, then we will feel only indifference to the hustle and the uselessness of experiences. We will experience a state of inner peace.”
— Insensitivity as the highest form of sensitivity: “I beg my viewers for insensibility, for indifference. I ask you to perceive what is happening without effort and tension, without highlighting separate parts, not to judge your own ideas and without being tied to mental structures, but only to see with your heart, to meet souls, to unite in love. Such insensitivity is the highest form of happiness.”

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