Lena Mordovina about Serge Smolin’s show at Ukrainian Fashion Week


Ukrainian Fashion Week has started in Kiev , within the framework of which shows of SS 2020 collections are held. 

On September 1, Serge Smolin’s IDOL collection was shown . As always with Smolin, the show was presented in the form of a small performance, but this year Serge stepped up the dramaturgy, and if last year the stage was a living room, into which the guys entered one at a time and, occupying a certain disposition, began to “be bored” indicatively, looking at the rest of those present from armchairs and sofas or leafing through books, this time the Beautiful Lady came out to the “bored boys” taking places in an impromptu shopping arcade, and after that the mini-performance gained momentum and acquired hot dynamism.

The guys gave the Lady presents, which she indifferently accepted, handed flowers, read poems from a vintage volume and tried in every possible way to attract her attention.

Smolin’s classic costumes, made in fabrics of unusual texture, complemented vintage silk scarves, purchased by the stylist at the flea markets in Florence and Venice. And this absolutely winning move was a real gem of the show.

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