Everything you need to know about modeling from Diana Swan


Not every beauty is a model, and not every model is a beauty.The modeling business attracts many young girls, but are there enough standard parameters and height? Or there are completely different features and criteria in this business.

Experienced model Diana Swan shared her tips, debunked myths and revealed the rules for successful casting.   

  1. You need to choose the right parent agency. Watch your weight and appearance. Evaluate yourself appropriately. Be open and friendly. All the time to practice skills in front of a mirror, to study your face and body. Be punctual, come to work on time, and preferably 10 minutes earlier. I always do this.
  2. Don’t throw tantrums at work. Never! If there are problems, you always have a manager whose job it is to fix them. Do not pretend to be a top model in the first couple. All comes with experience. (although there is a chance that you will be noticed from the first job. It is about 1% out of 100 😃). Does not quarrel with other models. This is fraught with consequences (acetone in makeup remover or depilator in shampoo), and perhaps the most important point is not to steal someone else’s food (I can kill for this 😬😄)
  3. Myths about the modeling business – a beautiful life and the same easy and beautiful work. Actually work  quite difficult – 8-10 hours in heels, often you have to work in shoes that are smaller than your size. Poor quality cosmetics spoil the face, eternal styling spoils the hair. Clothes scratch the body, etc. If this is a show, usually you are at the venue in the morning: rehearsal, fitting, rehearsal in clothes, makeup, and only by 7-8 pm the show itself begins. You have to sleep on the floor, chairs. Sometimes inadequate designers or make-up artists come across. I remember one designer tore off a model’s dress right before going out. He confused the second bow with the first. The model stood in a thong in front of the entire backstage. I saw how they shave off the eyebrows of a sleeping model. More precisely, I saw how she discovered it after washing off her makeup. I saw strands of hair that smoothly fall from the girl’s head because of the curling iron. Over time, you learn to switch off for 20-30 minutes between rehearsals and fittings, or right in front of the mirror during makeup 😃 – correction about a beautiful life. Beautiful life and EASY work. The job is not easy at all!! Well, life is beautiful, you can’t argue with that. Traveling, meeting new people, beautiful photos, depending on classmates who didn’t like you at school are a big plus and incentive.
  4.   Everyone’s career path is different. Since not everyone can mentally and physically withstand this work. You need to be in good physical shape and mentally healthy. Many of my acquaintances lose interest after the first contract. There were those who were just looking for daddies and for them a new contract, an opportunity to pick up a rich man. (one does not interfere with the other, that’s for sure)) Some do it because they fit the market and believe that they should take the opportunity while they can. Well, the natural majority of the models that I know truly believe and love what they do. I think this is the most important thing. Love and enjoy your work.
  5. It is difficult to say which country is the best. I have been to Europe and Turkey. I spent most of my time in China. I really fell in love with this country. There was Vogue, there was a complete ass.
  6. There is friendship in the modeling business, after all, models are people too and they understand that “there is a buyer for every product.” But competition is not easy either. It all depends on the girl herself.
  7. Advice for beginners, back to roots, evaluate yourself adequately! If Mom inspired you from childhood that you are a supermodel, this is not always true. For mom, you are the most beautiful! Still, there are standard parameters for selection, and the main thing in modeling is growth. But there are VERY RARE exceptions: face model, hand model, hair model etc. But, unfortunately, with such parameters you will not go far.
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