The crisis of the famous brand Victoria’s Secret


Recently, the most anticipated show of the year, the Victoria’s Secret Show, has died down in New York.

And it turned out that the brand is experiencing a serious drop in sales (since the beginning of 2018, they have already fallen by 39%). 

 Victoria’s Secret has been accused of misogynist representation of women for years. At their shows and in advertising campaigns, models with a perfect figure and retouched imperfections broadcast not only an unrealistic, according to many, image, but also objectify themselves. 

VS marketing director Ed Razek explained that all the attacks are on the brand because the VS show is one of a kind and any other fashion brand would like to take it for themselves, including competitors. 

A few days ago, the head of   Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Jan Singer resigned. L Brands, the parent company of Victoria’s Secret, did not comment. 

Victoria’s Secret is still   responsible for a fifth of the $38 billion global lingerie market. For today’s   consumers, the feminist “angels” pronouncements before the show that “we should be sexy only for ourselves” are no longer enough. 

The public demands more significant changes, and whether this will happen   – time will tell.

Kristina Journalist

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