Brand pronunciation dictionary. Part 2.


Dictionaries are different, and the fashion dictionary is no exception.

In order to know how to pronounce the names of various brands correctly, and not feel embarrassed, a small “Fashion Dictionary” for your reference:


Coccinelle – in the French manner “Koksinel”, and in the Italian “Cochinelle”. Apart from the fact that this is a French brand, but the word is borrowed from Italian, so it’s more correct – “Cochinelle”! 


Moschino – «Moschino»! 


Nike — «Nike»! Yes, yes, not Nike at all! N


Hermes – “Ermes”, and nothing else. Not “Hermes”, not “Hermes”! According to the correct transcription of this French brand, it should sound like Erme, but this is an exception to the rule. 


Balmain –   “Balman”! The name of the founder of the brand was Pierre Balmain.

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