Who received the awards of the Odessa International Film Festival


The closing ceremony of the Odessa International Film Festival was held on July 21 at the Odessa Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.

The Grand Prix of the Odessa Film Festival was awarded to the film “Crystal” by the Belarusian director Daria Zhuk. The winner in this category is determined by the audience.

The jury of the film festival named the film “Pity” by the Greek director Babis Makridis as the best film of the international competition program. For this work, Makridis was also recognized as the best director.

In the national competition, “In Joy and Only Joy” directed by Marina Roshchina was recognized as the best short film.

Anastasia Pustovit, who played in Marysia Nikityuk’s film When the Trees Fall, received the award for the best acting work.

In the category “Best Director’s Work” won Tonya Noyabreva (“Hero of My Time”).

The 16-year-old Belgian actor Victor Polster, who played in the film The Girl directed by Lucas Dont, won in the Best Actor category.

“Golden Duke” for the feature film went to the film “Delta” directed by Alexander Techinsky.

Alisa Kovalenko’s film “Home Games” was named the best European documentary film.

The ceremony was attended by the famous British actress Jacqueline Bisset. The organizers awarded her the Golden Duke statuette for her contribution to cinema.

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