Vladimir Fabiano: “The image that we knew about, he is now closer to an escort…”


Vladimir Fabiano, photographer and director of the Mysse Agencymodeling agency, tells about lazy models, escorts, Odessa women and Ukrainian fashion weeks .

Vladimir   is the only owner of an international modeling agency who talks so honestly and openly about the real fashion industry, without embellishment. 

1. Mysse Agency moved from Kyiv to Odessa. What other changes have occurred in the agency?

Now, on the contrary, we are trying to leave Odessa. Most likely, to Kyiv, where we are looking for a room. There are no results in Odessa! Nobody wants to work in the fashion industry. I don’t want to offend women from Odessa, but there is not a single woman from Odessa in our agency now. Yes, there are girls that we found in Odessa, but they are passing through or just relaxing. Unfortunately, the local girls are more interested in veiled escort and consummation. We have now reached the level that the Mysse Agency may not have an office. All good customers know about us, we have not even crossed paths with many models in person, since they fly from one contract to another and everyone is happy. 

2. Slavyanka has always been valued throughout the sea. But how to invest this Beauty correctly?

Now mixed types are very popular! For example, Ukrainian + Tatar. The mix always comes out amazing. If we talk about the modeling business, then the market is different everywhere. For example, India – only brunettes! China – fair-haired, blondes. Unfortunately, now the fashion industry market has undermined image modeling! The image that we knew about, he is now closer to the escort. Image modeling is beauty in public, fashionable establishments: red carpets, film festivals, car exhibitions, opening of nightclubs. Now, image modeling is a consummation that turns into an escort. Now Paris is just full of such modeling. The sums are so huge, of course, that’s why many models “jumped” there. Of course, the work of image models is still left, but you need to carefully consider the proposals so as not to “run into” the wrong job! Now the insta-model direction has also appeared. 

3. Ideal model – what is it?

The model is a hardworking girl who knows how to think, who knows what she needs! This is not a party girl! She needs to know that she has a job or a casting tomorrow, and she needs to go to bed, and not hang out until the morning. 

4. What is closer to you: to be a photographer or a director of a modeling agency?

I haven’t filmed in a year and a half. I was temporarily out of inspiration. I hope that soon I will take up the camera again. Now I am more involved in the agency, more I approve and resolve all sorts of situations, although my assistant Lesya Sloza does a lot of work. 

5. You said a long time ago that your models would not work at local fashion weeks. How can you evaluate the modeling industry now?

If all fashion-weeks all over the world are a level where they show the country, region, their level in this direction, then our cities are only commercial projects in order to make money. Models, no matter how they didn’t pay, they don’t pay, designers get bad money and they don’t understand why ?! Because, in the end, the result is very redneck. If this money had really been channeled in the right direction, and not just shared between the organizers and intermediaries, then the result would have been different. Therefore, I do not send and will not send my models to this redneck. I am personally ashamed even to offer my models to go to work for free. 

6. Now there is such a phenomenon as Instagram model, bloggers who can take work from professional models. What do you think about this?

A girl who made herself a model on Instagram with a height of 165 and a girl is a professional model who creates the same page for herself, then the second one will win! An Instagram model is a girl who has recognized herself as a model, and a professional model is a model that everyone recognizes. 

7. What qualities should a professional model have in order to be successful?

Brains, patience, work. These are the qualities without which you will not build your career in the modeling business! Naturally – parameters, height from 175 cm. And you never need to despair if a streak of bad luck suddenly starts. You need to work on yourself and believe in yourself. Now many agencies deceive models by writing extra expenses at the end of their contract. For example, the model took the subway, and they write her a taxi. Overestimated amounts are calculated for the apartments, given that many girls live in one apartment, and each of them is charged rent at the end of the contract. Now these items of expenditure have become a good income for many foreign agencies. 

8. What countries are now more advanced for the modeling business?

USA, England, Asia, India. These are the countries where there are jobs for models, for designers and everyone involved in this field. Many of my photo-posing students write, they say, we are now in the USA, maybe there is some kind of work?! There will be no work in the USA on a tourist visa, at most, this is dubious TFP shooting, or the nude genre for some kind of payment. In Europe, you can also make good money, but it must be a very strong model, with a chic beech and experience. 

9. There are 2 fiercely competing fashion weeks in Ukraine – UFW and MBFD. You, as a professional and a person not interested, how can you comment on this competition?

In fact, there is no competition, it is artificially inflated here. The Mercedes company created its own, so to say, holiday of the soul, first of all, for the PR of its products, giving the models the opportunity to earn extra money. (Smiling). Thus, at the expense of beautiful girls, they promote their brand. I am talking about how it is done in the world, but not in Ukraine. And there can be competition only if you have a financial name! For example, Dolce & Gabbana simply do not have the right to release their models on the catwalk, while paying them less than 1500 €. They will thereby humiliate themselves! And this is a status, and they cannot humiliate themselves like that. By the way, Andre Tan is the only Ukrainian designer who pays absolutely all of his models. Another thing is that the agencies cut these fees too much, but he pays everyone, because that’s his name and status. How, in general, maybe a rivalry if they don’t even pay anyone?! If I was dishonest in my business, I would already be flying a helicopter! (Laughs)

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