Daniil Timofeev: “Not every one of us is ready to see a man on the street in such a way…”


Daniil Timofeev is an Odessa-based designer who has clearly occupied his niche in the fashion industry. His unisex collections make fashion free and without boundaries.  Daniil spoke about the origin of the Timofeev brand , men’s corset, his work as a photographer and, of course, about the new Rigreso collection. 


1. How old is the Timofeev brand?  And do you remember your very first model from the collection?     

 This spring the brand turned 8 years old. We created our first collection in 2010. Our debut show was at the Palladium nightclub on March 5, completely by accident. No one even imagined that this would be the beginning of the brand itself. Before that I was engaged in photography, I photographed in nightclubs. At that moment, the party was breaking down, and everyone knew that my family was engaged in sewing all their lives and I was offered to show my collection of 10 images. I had 5 days for everything. After 10 years, I understand that it was difficult to call it a collection, but it was the first. I remember that denim dress very well and the men’s corset that now adorns   our studio. 


2. You had a long break from work, is this the first time?

It was the first long break. Before that there was, but shorter. We missed one OFD season. Up to a certain point, somehow it turned out that we only had summer collections. When it was necessary to release a winter collection, somehow the soul did not rely. The first autumn-winter collection was in 2016. I showed it in Kyiv and brought it to Odessa Fashion Week a few weeks later.


3. What did you do during this time?

During this period, I did everything I could. I managed to work as an administrator in a premium boutique in Kyiv in order to gain experience with world-famous brands. I watched what they do, how they do it and why. I traveled a little, rested, and did a lot of self-education. Now I manage all the affairs of the brand myself and I had to learn a lot. So, this break was not useless.


4. Your new collection that you presented at OFD is called Rigreso (return). What changes have befallen the Timofeevbrand ?     

    This collection is built clearly in blocks, as expected. All models are fully unisex, but were shown exclusively on guys, not counting one main model – Yulia Geltsman. I wanted to show the originality of the images, because not every one of us is ready to see a man on the street in such an image: sequins, guipure. In Europe, this would be given much more attention. Ukraine has not yet reached the level to liberate itself and not to constrain the framework. 


5. Were you worried before this show? How will the audience perceive who will come? 

There were a few worries, because it was still a return after a long break. During this period, of course, we released things, but only for partner showrooms and individual clients. On the day of the show, the excitement passed, I got into my atmosphere. I saw that everything was fine with us, we managed everything and everything turned out as planned. 



6. At what point did you change the brand concept and start creating men’s and unisex collections?   

  At the beginning of our work, we had exclusively women’s collections and mostly cocktail dresses. When I went to Belarus in 2014 to present my spring-summer collection, then for the first time I got the print “Knyagina” and I took the men’s collection. This was the first men’s collection and after that the style of the brand completely changed, we switched to street fashion and the “unisex” theme


7. Will you regularly please the fans of the brand with new collections?

  I really hope so. In July we will have a small summer collection. We will present it at Summer Fashion Weekend in the scope of OFD. 


8. Each designer has his own personal plan for creating a collection. How is your period from the idea to the podium? 

Always in different ways. I did not think about the last collection for a long time, I knew what I wanted to do. Maybe it’s because of the long break, I had time to think everything over. The decision to return the “Princess” print was very spontaneous, this is really the highlight that makes my brand recognizable. I have exclusive rights from the artist to this print and so I think   it should be used. I have already fully formed ideas for creating a small summer collection and a large winter one. The next collection will be called “In the Heart”, and after it “Love without borders”. I will open the curtain a little and say that it will use the print of the artist from St. Petersburg Olga Kai, which no one has seen yet. 


9. I know that the brand is represented not only in Ukraine…

 Now we are temporarily not in Kyiv. In Odessa, you can find us in our studio on Shevchenko Avenue, 19. In the “Ukrainian Trend Store” in Kadorr City Mall, in “Love Outlet” in Fresh Market on Panteleimonovskaya. But there will be things from past collections with big discounts. We have 2 partner showrooms in Estonia. One is exclusively feminine   and very feminine “Elen Style Butique”, and the second is located in the center of Tallinn “AGAN” where our street-fashion collections are presented. 

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