Alessandro Nava: “The basis of any successful business is the team you work with…”


Alessandro Nava: former model, today publisher, founder and director of the StarsSystem magazine, which covers fashion, culture, “Live Style” not only in Italy, but also internationally.

1. Two names are inseparable – Alessandro Nava and “StarsSystem”?


— When I was only 16 years old, I started my modeling career, thus plunging into the world of fashion. Even then, everything was interesting to me and I wanted to know this world from all sides. Thanks to the modeling business, I met many interesting people and got to know the fashion industry from the inside. I managed to show my talents and I began to try myself as a journalist, organized various events, after which the road to TV was opened. I became a writer and producer and one of my projects was Miss Universe. And, all the other programs that I prepared in Italy helped me to get acquainted with the intricacies of the laws of television and the media business in general. As a result of the work done, today all the most famous and successful people in Italy are covered by me, in StarsSystem. In addition, my publishing house tells about young, but promising and talented people.


2. Alessandro, sorry for the compliment, but you are quite successful. Please share where to start.

— It all started, like many of us, from an early age. I was a young boy with my own ambitions and dreams, just like my peers from Puglia. This is such a small town in southern Italy. As a child, I loved spending time at the house of my grandparents, who lived in the countryside. But, at the same time, I really liked to dress fashionably. My mother had her own clothing boutique, so, of course, I grew up in an atmosphere of fashion and stylish clothes. At the age of 16, I was noticed and invited to a modeling agency, and I, of course, immediately jumped at this opportunity, because I understood that it was the modeling business that would help me at least a little closer to my dream, as well as travel and earn some of my money. As soon as I finished school, I immediately moved to Milan. I want to emphasize that our whole life is strewn with cases and you need to be able to use them. I have always treasured every opportunity in my life, and especially those that involve writing. Although, initially, I started writing just out of curiosity, but now I am extremely happy and grateful to all those who gave me the opportunity and believed in me. I gathered talented people, my like-minded people and we created a magazine. The idea of ​​sharing your talent, writing about it, talking about it is the main philosophy of StarsSystem.


3. How does a fashion magazine publisher manage to stay afloat in a torrent of information?

The basis of any successful business is the team you work with. As well as great respect and mutual understanding between employees who must love their job and be always noticed and rewarded by the company at the right time. I like to choose people who will be near me, precisely, according to their inner state. I like to get to know their world, their vision of life. Only by combining all this into one whole, you can organize a team and get the result. You need to be able to hear the opinion of everyone and work in unison, because you won’t go far alone.


4. Alessandro, are you a strict leader for your subordinates?

I am a very gentle and calm person. But, at the same time, I am always in the subject and deadlines are important to me. My employees have a clear line between what is allowed and what is not. Nevertheless, I have great confidence in my subordinates, because it was I who chose them for work. I trust their opinion and vision. Sometimes, of course, they have to remind our rules. If a person writes about someone, then the entire responsibility of the word is placed on him. After all, we all know that a word can hurt and support. All celebrities in Italy want us to write about them, as we reveal the personality like no one else – subtly and deeply. If we talk in general about what kind of leader I am, then I am kind (smiles).


5. Do your clients have a chance to make friends with you?

In most cases, we are born friendship with customers. I like to choose people for their liking, and not just for commercial positions. It is important for me that we were really interested and that we were close in spirit. If initially I do not see common views, common interests, then it will be very difficult to work with such a person. And as a rule, they do not become our clients. Because money is not everything in our life! I always do everything qualitatively, and not just out of commercial interests. Often in the course of work, we develop friendships with clients that continue both outside and after the project.

6. What do you consider your main achievement to date?

My main success for today is that I am doing what I love! After all, I can do what I dreamed of since childhood. I think that this is the most important thing when a person, at some point, realizes that what he dreamed of has become his profession, that he loves it. I think if a person does what he loves, then he will definitely be a professional and can be proud of it! It doesn’t matter what you have, what matters is how you feel about it.


7. Now the print media market is going through hard times, as a powerful competitor has appeared – the Internet. Have you paved the way for success?

Yes, indeed, many publications are going through hard times. And they go not just into the background, but, one might say, die off. Technology develops and opportunities become different, and this is normal. The Internet itself has existed for a long time, but only now we have begun to use it more actively and productively. Can compare cinema 120 years ago, which was black and white and film, and now we watch movies in 3D, with glasses. Naturally, publishing houses have their own changes, their own evolution. Therefore, now online editorial offices have taken the palm, because it is fast, convenient, and comfortable. But publishing houses will always exist, just in a different format. So StarsSystem is now an online publication. Of course, we have printed versions, but they are increasingly being archived for memory.


8. What do you know about Ukraine, about its modeling life?

To be honest, I don’t know much, but I can say that Ukraine is famous for its beautiful girls and boys. And this is very important in fashion, in the modeling business. Everyone knows that good models are Slavic models. And, if we talk about designers, it is difficult to name any big names that are recognizable on the international market. I really hope that such names will appear in the near future.


9. In this case, what can a successful publisher advise Ukrainian colleagues?

In my opinion, the emphasis should be placed on young people, on their bright energy, fresh views on the world around them. By combining their energy with the experienced opinion of already professionals, you can create the perfect product that can achieve overwhelming success. I hope that there are many people in the world who believe in talented youth. After all, young people are always looking for an occasion to be able to show their talent. My advice for any companies, in all industries, is to be very attentive to young people!


10. Milan is the recognized capital of fashion, and you are the owner of a fashion magazine. Are you ready to share your knowledge and experience?

Of course, I want to share my experience and talk about it! Our format of work has become so popular in Italy that we want to go beyond the borders of our country. In addition to the printing house, we have our own photo studio, where we make video clips and photo shoots that help in the PR campaigns of our clients. After all, we have the best photographers, the best team, so the result of cooperation with us is always very effective. One of the main projects of StarsSystem is to promote talent in its territory and develop its network around the world. In a few years, I think we can do it.


11. Before going to work, you look in the mirror. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I hope that in 10 years I will be able not to change myself, to be the same as I always am. To be the same as now, only with ten years of experience. I repeat that when I started modeling at the age of 16, then time seemed to be your enemy, because everyone said – you are still small, you need to grow up and only then you will understand who you want to become. Twenty years have passed since then, and I feel great in my image (laughs). Therefore, I think that in 10 years I will feel even better. I think that time only helps us to talk about our experience, to enrich ourselves from within. After all, our whole life is a big and fascinating novel.

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