Vanya Novinsky: “I started to conduct master classes, and then I just went to makeup courses myself …”


Vanya Novinsky is a young businessman who started his journey “in the beauty industry” with a dispute with his own mother and proved that you can learn the basics of the profession in just 2 weeks.

1. Having met you on the street, you will never say that you were a makeup specialist. Why did you pay attention to this profession?

I came into this field because of a dispute with my mother. She worked for a well-known cosmetics company, doing network marketing and all that. I asked her how she can do this shit?! In response, I heard a statement that, since I’m so smart, do something yourself! And I took cosmetics from her on a bet, I don’t understand at all what it is! I was so far from the sphere of makeup that if I were shown a girl with professional makeup and amateur, I would not have distinguished them. However, I had a client in two weeks, and it was a bridesmaid, moreover, a real one! I understood that I had no way back and only two weeks to master the profession from scratch. Then I gathered all the bridesmaids in my kitchen and began to practice.


2. I remember that you started conducting trainings and master classes a long time ago, even during the period of active work as a make-up artist. How did you get interested in training?

– Honestly? Makeup artists are 95% poor people. Yes, they can dress beautifully, have good cosmetics, but, in fact, they earn pennies. The only way to earn more or less decent money is to conduct trainings and give master classes. And I needed to find money to learn makeup myself. Then I started to conduct make-up master classes, and then I went to make-up courses myself. 😉 It was a very risky and provocative decision, but it was a forced move. I remember the time when I myself searched the Internet for a video “what is makeup in general”, but people liked the way I teach.


3. Are your master classes purely your own professional experience or…?

“It was purely a personal experience. When you’re young, you want to ask a girl out on a date, but you don’t have money. And you have to earn as much as you can, look for the right approach. We had already opened a salon, without a sign, without windows. By the way, six months later we were given the Discovery of the Year award and we turned the basement into a good salon.

4. You, as a person who taught people, what can you call the basis of successful activity?

“You just need to love the client and your work. Our problem is that people don’t like people. Not only do they not like what they do, they also do not like people. They just need to twist in their head that this is a craft and they need to treat each client individually. You don’t need to make everyone a carbon copy – 2-week courses, cheap cosmetics – it will work, and everything will work out that way. The maximum they do is serve the client, say goodbye and hope that he himself will return. No, the system must work, you need to contact customers, maintain interest, perhaps give gifts. And here they want it like this: they did the job and that’s it, nothing else interests me.


5. Now, with such a busy schedule, is it difficult to get to you as a makeup artist?

– Not!!! Absolutely not!!! For money, no! For country requests – no! I just don’t want to do it, I don’t like it.

6. I remember you saying that you follow a clear life plan. So far, has everything worked out exactly as planned?

— Yes, I closed all my questions. Only I was mistaken in one nuance – I thought that what I was doing looked like a business and it could be turned into a system. About a year ago, I realized that this is not a business at all and I don’t understand anything about it. Yes, I understand how to sell expensive services, earn money.


7. I have always wondered if the person who conducts trainings gives knowledge, does he attend trainings with other people?

— I regularly attend trainings, even now. You must always learn! People who educate others, but do not educate themselves themselves, fall into two categories: a) people who have been in business for 50 years, have a huge fortune and, however, have something to share; b) young people who talk about their experience and a little about the experience of others;


8. Ivan Novinsky, in ten years?

– I dont know. Now I have achieved certain goals and relaxed. I just decided to take a break.

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