Fashion designer with the call sign “Couturier”


Ruslan Antonyukov is a corset master. The designer developed the first corset over 10 years ago. Since then, a lot of things have changed in his life, but the love for his offspring has not faded away. Ruslan shared his memories of what he first asked the surgeons after he came to in intensive care, how much time is needed to create a new corset, and much more. 


1. Ruslan, you have been the head of the Antonyukov brand for nine years. Do you remember your first corset?

The first experiments were in 2004-2005, when I tried on an evening corset, because at that time it was fashionable to have a separate skirt and corset. So, the first corsets were just costume ones.


2. How long does it take to make one corset?

Differently. If you don’t break away, work hard, with all the materials, then it’s about two days. But this is if you make a collection. And, if you make an individual order, then these are still days of fitting, days of fitting, and, as a result, it can drag on for several weeks.


3. A corset is quite versatile and at the same time an exquisite piece of clothing, but not everyone knows how to wear it correctly. What are your tips?

If we talk about my corsets, then I advise you to have it in every wardrobe! Since this is such a transformable thing that there will always be a case to wear it. It is very durable and can be combined with both trousers, jeans, skirts and dresses.


4. You had a fairly long break from work. How do you get in shape now, so to speak?

Haste disappeared from my life. And this is what I like best. There is no longer a goal to earn money, to hand over a corset on time. And if the artist works, then the picture turns out to be worthy. These two points, I think, are very hindering in work – money and haste.


5. The modern idea of ​​a designer is all so fashionable and, often, not even of a traditional orientation. And you are a real man and even were at war in the east of Ukraine. How is this compatible?

Everyone smiles and laughs. They call me – (laughs) a brave tailor (according to the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm – “The Brave Tailor” – Ed.). When I was in the east, my call sign was “couturier”.


6. You really have a unique story: you sewed corsets, took part in fashion shows, beauty contests, and then you find yourself in a war. What were your thoughts at that moment?

I ended up in a war because this is our country and it needs to be defended. Good or bad, let the politicians decide. When I came to the military registration and enlistment office, there were 20-year-old children there, and we have been living in an independent state for 25 years. I also served as a border guard at an Afghan outpost. And how these children could go, it was just a shame! I wanted to get ahead of them, because this is wrong. I believe that men who have lived their lives should go first.


7. When you were at the front, did you think that you would continue your work upon your return?

Yes, when I woke up in the hospital after being injured, the first thing I wanted to do was create a new collection. I asked the surgeons to give me a landscape sheet and a pencil. Their eyes were 5 kopecks each when they started asking me about everything.


8. How, in general, did this event affect creativity now?

As I said, I removed 2 words from creativity – money and haste. I don’t limit myself by dates. If there is a collection, it will be sold, if not, then no. In principle, there were sketches before, but I already want to make the lines softer and more feminine.


9. How do ideas for creating new masterpieces come about?

There are a million options for creating a corset. Sometimes, I just apply the fabric and see how it lays down, and then, proceeding from this, I start working. Something doesn’t work out, you put it off and you can return in a week. I can make another corset in just half a day. I don’t have one that I drew and then I just sculpt it, most often everything happens in the process. Since the fabric is different, the decor is different and you don’t always know how long it will take.


10. How will you please your fans in the near future? What are your ideas for winning new admirers of your talent?

A lot of ideas, I’m back in the ranks again. There are plans for Kyiv, Dnipro. I want the brand to be recognized, and not only in Ukraine.

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