Natalia Klochanina: “Our client is a girl who lives mainly in million-plus cities…”


The YANINA-Studio brand, which many people associate as “art with you, on your clothes,” recently presented its new collection to the public with an equally bright idea. Brand manager Natalya Klochanina told how long it takes to create a collection, who she is, the girl of the YANINA-studio brand, and why so many employees have changed at their enterprise. 


1. The beginning of the history of the YANINA-studio brand, what was it like?

The beginning of the history of the brand goes back to the distant milestone year 2000. Yanina Reznichenko, after graduating from KTILP (now called the Institute of Light Industry and the Academy of Design), created her own studio and it was a one-actor studio, since she performed all the functions herself. After some time, it was decided to engage in the division of labor and recruitment began. All the girls who are working now are the best of the best. These are highly qualified craftsmen in their field and perform absolutely all types of work, with any type of materials. Be it leather, fur, fabric, anything. We have been working for a long time, reliably, successfully, and this is appreciated by our regular customers. During these sixteen years, we had a large number of individual clients who did not want a big promotion of the brand for the reason that that we worked with them on an exclusive basis. We sewed things off without their further repetition. Therefore, no one knew about our brand, but in 2016 they found out.


2. How long does it take to create a new collection?

In 2016, we decided to open a new direction, namely, the sale of fabrics. We buy Italian fabrics for the needs of our studio, so the next time we were shopping, the idea of ​​​​creating a collection shot out instantly. We have been nurturing it for a long time, but due to the lack of resources, labor, professional managers, we did not do it. Made a print on denim in Italy and created a collection in record time, in just two months. We prepared everything from start to finish and went to the podium of “UFW” and “MBFD”.


3. It seems that you have not just a good working team, but a kindred one. Is it easy to become a part of it?

No, it’s not easy. Only I was so lucky with Yanina, since we are cousins. The rest of the girls go through a very tough selection, we have changed a large number of employees. Unfortunately, sometimes they do not meet the required qualifications, as our bar is very high. Someone lacks accuracy, someone lacks speed. Most recently, we changed the designer, because she simply did not have time. This is not a question of a return, but of a more technologically advanced new approach. Modern cadres are very welcome. All our girls are mothers, sometimes children get sick or they themselves, and this delays the production time, accuracy.


4. Just the other day you were filming a camping and a participant in the show “Ukrainian Super Model” became a model. Why did you choose, namely, Yulia Geltsman?

Yulechka is a very good girl. I personally adore her and don’t know those people who don’t like her. She is very easy to work with, fun, relaxed. She is beautiful and feminine, which is why she was the one who opened our show on UFW. She is always in a good mood, despite the fact that the shoes were two sizes too small. She is a professional and it is subtly felt. After several campaigns and studio shoots, I understand how important it is when a person perfectly understands how to smile at her, turn around and how to throw back her hair – it all speeds up the work and facilitates the work of the photo artist and the whole team.


5. Recently at UFW, you presented the fall-winter   2017/2018 collection in very bright colors. Is this some kind of protest against dullness?

Quite right. It is quite difficult to survive this cold period, and therefore we are getting closer to spring and miss the bright colors, the sun. But when we chose fabrics, it was a conscious decision. Because the idea of ​​expression, self-expression runs through both of our collections. Our first collection was paintings, it was clear that it had to do with art. Well, then we went to the development of the form. Our second collection is also art, but in a more modern way. We do not transform Renaissance paintings into modern life, but we simply demonstrate the change in shape and color. Brightness is also one of the elements of self-expression.


6. YANINA-Studio brand participated in “MBFD”, twice in “UFW”. Do you have any plans to go to Europe and show Ukrainian beauty?

Yes, there are plans. But three such big events in six months, plus a lot of current issues, such as changing the showroom, recruiting staff, placing the collection in boutiques, creating a website, and all this literally from scratch. This requires our close, every second attention, so naturally we have plans. And, God forbid, health and time to sleep.


7. It is already spring and many have just come to their senses after hibernation and are returning to work. What are the brand’s goals for 2017?

It is no secret and no secret that we are looking for a new premises. We have already grown out of this, which is and it is not enough for us. We are looking for partners to further promote our collections. We have many ideas for cruise collections, we want to continue to buy Italian fabrics and expand their range. We need to finish the website, we also want to go and discover foreign markets, in particular, we are interested in the Asian market.


8. Client of the YANINA-studio brand, who is she?

This is a modern, interesting, intelligent, educated, bright and young woman aged 25 to 55 years. This is a girl who lives mainly in million-plus cities, has a taste and the ability to express herself through her clothes, she is interested in art and understands that she is the owner of not only taste, style, finances, but also a spiritual component.


9. Where are you present so that clients know where to rush after reading the interview?

We are now represented in the Kiev boutique “Wardrobe Selected Clothes”, in the Dnepropetrovsk boutique, in our showroom there is a collection. You can also buy the item you like on our website, on Instagram. And, of course, there are plans, but for now they are still plans (smiles).

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