Alla Frenkel: “A girl in my underwear definitely knows what sexuality is …”


Successful lingerie designer Alla Frenkel shared the main trends in lingerie fashion, her achievements in 2016 and a special collection for Valentine’s Day.

1. Alla, do you remember when for the first time the thought that you want to create lingerie came to you?

Of course, I remember it was in May. Moreover, somehow so spontaneously I decided to make capes for the beach, the clients really asked.
I sewed individually, and then I decided to hang it in the store and a crazy hype began. They didn’t buy anything from me, except for these capes, pareos. And I realized that girls are very interested in this and I myself dissolved in all these ruffles, lace. I did what I liked and got a whole collection.
At the shows, I then had a direction – mother and child, he and she. And when I came out with the linen, everyone was shocked.

2. Alla, as a lingerie designer, what trends can you highlight in this fashion?

Of course, there is a lingerie fashion and now lace, nets and stones are very fashionable. The whole world makes shows and even uses them in clothes, like a “3D” effect. They create a volume on the grid manually from stones, flowers, silk. Now translucency, along with colors, patterns, is the best thing to wear. I believe that underwear can safely correct the figure and make the girl much better and more attractive, sexy. Now, unfortunately, many girls are afraid to be brave, but I hope that everything will change very soon. I applied absolutely all the models on myself, as it were, conducted experiments and I can say that the result was stunning.

3. At the Opera Classic fashion festival, you presented a collection in exclusively white colors, what inspired you when creating the collection?

We originally prepared this collection for the Four Seasons festival. These are “Christmas Meetings” by Ruslan Khvastov. I somehow thought that girls in winter should be white, light and airy.

4. Alla, what do you consider the main achievement of the brand at the moment?

The main achievement is underwear. When I was nominated for the Designer of the Year award, they asked me to list all the achievements for 2016. I wrote and wrote and when I saw how much I had done and where I had been, I realized that lingerie was my forte. I was invited to Rome for shows in April, I was invited to UFW in the fall, I was a guest in Dnipro, I completed DFD. It’s very nice that people like it, they receive invitations.

5. February 14 is coming soon, maybe you are preparing a special collection?

Yes, we are preparing a gift limited collection. It is absolutely inexpensive and insanely sexy, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

6. Do men often come to you for a gift for their beloved girls?

Often. I had a client yesterday, she was choosing her underwear and she was with her husband. She was just lost, did not know what to try on, she likes everything. And her husband picked up three sets for her. Now even men are more interested in this underwear.


7. Describe a girl in lingerie from Alla Frenkel, what is she like?

The girl in my lingerie definitely knows what sexuality is and how to present it correctly. There is a very thin line between vulgarity and sexuality, so I work hard to ensure that my lingerie is only sexy, delicate and beautiful. It is for all girls and women, because in my collections there are a lot of different models for all figures. My lingerie transforms models, when they put it on and go to the podium, they carry themselves like queens.


8. Where and how can potential customers see your products and order?

We have a group on Instagram, Facebook, VK, we also have our show-room in Odessa in the Kristall shopping center. The site is still under development. Also, we will soon be presented in other cities of Ukraine.

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