Daria Aleksandrova: “I could go on 3-4 dates in one day…”


A young but already well-known Kazakh actress Daria Alexandrova spoke about her childhood, her work as a bartender in a nightclub, her biggest adventures and much more.


1. Daria, hello. You took part in the popular Ukrainian TV show “The Young Lady-Peasant Woman”, was it your decision or did someone suggest it from the beginning?

No, I’ve never heard of this show before. The idea is very good and now it seems to me with the brains of the producer that this could have been created a long time ago. One girl wrote to me on social networks, and another one an hour later. I noticed these messages late and replied to them. They were just looking for a girl in Almaty. I watched one issue and immediately wrote to them that they had young ladies in their program, real young ladies. I immediately said that I don’t have a Bentley, just like there are no cool houses. Of course, I do not complain about life, because we are a family of above average income. The fact that I am a singer and actress did not bother them. Somewhere I had to exaggerate a little, pull out all the furs and show them. By the way, now something happened and I can’t wear furs and I really despise those who wear them. True, without fanaticism)))


2. This is a kind of adventure and risk, because you never know where you will be brought and what kind of people will be in the new house. Are you a risk taker?

I think I’m still a risk taker. You say it’s a gamble, but for me it didn’t look like that. I was driving with thoughts: “well, I’ll go and see the village.” I used to live in the country for a while when I was a kid. And, in fact, what was in the program was easy for me. True, they had very bad living conditions there, in my childhood everything was much better, albeit in the village. Grandmother and grandfather worked at a poultry farm, held good positions, so we lived with dignity. I understood that I could handle it, but at some points I had to play along, since this is still a show.


3. What was the biggest adventure in your life?

Since I am a very amorous girl, all my adventures were connected with men. I could go on 3-4 dates in one day. She lined everything up so perfectly that even a mosquito would not undermine her nose. To have breakfast with one, then he took me to some cafe, where my friend was supposedly waiting for me. And ask a friend to call me and say that she is waiting for me so that he does not go inside anymore. Then another young man came and took me home. I had to change clothes, I was still a little nervous (laughs). Then the third gentleman took me out of the house, and I left the most interesting young man for the evening. Because in the evening we have some other chakras open and you behave differently, present yourself. Probably, the fact that I moved to Kazakhstan is a kind of adventure. I studied and lived in a Turkish lyceum for 5 years in Kyrgyzstan and learned to be responsible for myself, for my actions. When I arrived in Almaty, everything was difficult. I constantly heard – “I put it in the wrong place, this is not here.” I’m generally a terrible glove compartment, but I call it a creative mess. I feel so comfortable and everything. I realized that I needed to rent an apartment, but my parents would not give me money for this. And I went to work as a bartender in a nightclub. Imagine this after the Turkish Lyceum. I didn’t know what alcohol was. From there they come out too correct. Sometimes correct is good, but too correct is not. We were a little unprepared for real life. I got a job as a bartender, I was 17 at that time. A little illegal, but I deceived everyone, said that I was 18, and I gave my passport to obtain citizenship. Once the riot police ran in and I hid, I was afraid they wouldn’t know how old I was. In the morning after work, and this is 5-6, and sometimes even 7 in the morning, I went to write essays, homework, and at 8 in the morning I already started classes at the university.


4. Do you communicate with the second participant of the program?

No. When we had the final meeting in Almaty, I asked her if she liked the city. To which she replied that she expected better. I’m madly in love with my city and it offended me. If she wrote to me, I would gladly answer. But she doesn’t write. To be honest, I thought that we would communicate, I really liked her mother, she is very sincere. The project participant herself is a leader by nature, and so am I. Perhaps that is why 2 leaders cannot be friends. But with my mother, I would have talked with great pleasure.


5. Do you feel more like a singer or an actress?

An actress. If I had a voice, at least the same as that of Ani Lorak, then I would not rush about. But I do not have such a voice, so I feel more comfortable where I am the best.


6. Remember that morning when you woke up famous?

Fortunately, this didn’t happen to me. I know more than one example, I already have such an acquaintance, she used to be a close friend. Now we don’t talk to her at all. At some point, she woke up famous. I will not say who she is, what she is, but she was blown away. She is a grassroots person, I am also a grassroots, but I had everything in stages. One series, someone watched, and someone did not. Second, third, now I have 25 films and series on my account. I slowly gained my audience, viewers, fans. And everything suddenly fell on her, a lot of temptations, men. I will not hide the fact that I also have many fans, but it all happened gradually, richer, more successful. Probably, if everything falls down at one moment, it is very easy to get lost. Although it all depends on your own core. I had such a case in public when they brought me a gift and said, that it was from such and such a person and it made me very angry. I said that I would not accept him and he was taken aback, since, apparently, the girls never refused. They asked what to convey and I said loudly: “So tell me that Alexandrova Daria Vladimirovna does not take money!”
And that girl I was talking about lost herself, she lost everything bright and pure, close that was in her. Her close man, who perceived her completely. She is now everywhere in the world and in the eyes of emptiness.


7. Do you easily make contact with people? After all, there is a widespread opinion that famous people have a “star disease”.

I recently spoke with a friend and she said that when she became an actress, she began to strain that she would be recognized. And I, on the contrary, like it when people with bright eyes, kindness approach you. As a child, I was not loved, I was the only Russian in the class. And I’m probably not used to the fact that people want to communicate with me, they are drawn to me. So now I’m catching up on it. I am always glad when they recognize me, they want to be photographed. I myself will talk, take a picture on my phone, so that they would be doubly pleased. When I see that a person sincerely loves me, I can join him on Instagram.


8. How does the morning of actress Daria Alexandrova begin? After all, you are a supporter of a healthy lifestyle.

Every morning at 05:45 I get up, make coffee, have breakfast. I really like to eat, when I wake up, my first thoughts are about food, and, falling asleep, I think that I will have breakfast. I eat according to my mood, if the body has not yet woken up, then porridge. And if I have already woken up entirely, then I can eat sweets, muffins. I don’t limit myself in this, because I know that now I’ll go to the gym and drive it all away. At about 06:30 I go to the gym and at 07:15 either cross-fit or boxing starts there. I am now boxing 2 hours a day.


9. What do you consider your main achievement so far?

I always complain to my loved ones that I am already 23, and I have achieved so little. They dissuade me and I seem to understand that I have achieved quite a lot, but this is not enough for me. For me, what I have achieved is not an achievement. Probably, what kind of person I am is my main achievement. I was brought up little by little, and the lyceum, and my young man, who appeared with me at the age of 17, and my mother, and grandmother.


10. Daria Alexandrova in 10 years, what is she like?

Three children, definitely I will not give up my career, but I want to continue to realize myself as a producer. Now I want to build a line of profession, where you are, as it were, more free. In the career of an actress, this is impossible, this is impossible, you can’t be pregnant, well, it seems possible, but it’s not a fact that they will take you later, but you want something of your own. I want to be so beautiful, slim, well-read, smart in 10 years and be a successful producer and have a happy family.

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