Abdulkarim Karimov: “I don’t bother at all about my popularity either now or then …”


Abdulkarim Karimov, a famous Kazakh lyric singer, conqueror of women’s hearts, football player, optimist and caring father, answered ten questions on kristal.org.ua


1. By education, you are a psychologist. Did you manage to work in your specialty?

To be frank, no. I was a children’s football coach and studied to be an educational psychologist, and this allowed me to be a coach. I can also be a psychologist and teach psychology.


2. How did music enter your life?

There has always been music, even when I played football as a child. It all started around the fifth grade, when I began to take an active part in all sorts of school competitions and represent the school at other events. In parallel, he studied vocals, studied.


3. As a child, did you dream of becoming famous or did it happen suddenly?

I do not bother about my popularity at all, neither now nor then. I sing and I sing, and everything is fine. I love doing it, period. I make songs not commercial, but rather soulful.


4. Are you superstitious? Do you do anything special before going on stage?

An interesting question… Lately, no, but I used to do something – when I went out onto the football field, I always took a speck of dust from the field. It was in my childhood, I followed one European singer and he always did this. It was not so much imitation, but more the belief that it would bring success.


5. You are the goalkeeper of the Alatau football club, how do you manage to combine everything?

Today we had a tournament. Football in my life is not mandatory now, if I can’t come for some good reason, then there’s nothing wrong with that. Our team consists mainly of well-known people in Kazakhstan, so everyone understands and accepts the absence of one or another player.


6. Now it is very popular among celebrities to advertise various goods, services, establishments, brands. Do you often receive such offers?

There are. For example, they provide clothes for you to promote. I don’t take anything from my friends, and if it’s just advertising, then the price is negotiated.
I think that the main thing is a sense of proportion, and if you are not comfortable in clothes and you feel like a clown, then I think you will not dress her for any money.


7. You have a little son. Does he already realize that his dad is a famous singer?

Yes, he sings my songs. He sees my videos when they show me on TV. I have been divorced for four years now and I see my son as much as I can, when I have free time. But when we see each other, he warmly perceives me, rejoices.


8. Would you like him to follow in your footsteps and become a famous person?

I rather want him to be an athlete. Football, of course, is not a very stable business, as it is very traumatic. But, most importantly, to correctly distribute all the opportunities so that after the end of a career, you will not be left with nothing. I know Tolya Timoshchuk, he plays in our Kairat, so you can immediately see that he is a reasonable person.


9. Do you often manage to fly away on vacation and do absolutely nothing?

No (smiles). Usually, I combine vacation with work, that’s the only way it turns out. I really want to leave, turn off the phone and be in silence for a few days. Now, I think, either before the New Year, or after. The moment has already come when you just need to go alone to the island and be surrounded by a sun lounger and a cocktail. I had a similar experience last year when I was just taking a break from everything.


10. Abdulkarim Karimov in 10 years, what is he like?

Only the Almighty knows this. And so, probably, such a Enrique Iglesias

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