Daniyar Asylbek: “Fashion photographers do not like criticism…”


Daniyar Asylbek, a young and successful Kazakhstani photographer who loves to take pictures himself, spoke about his favorite photographs, world photographers and what inspires him or inspires him at all.

1. Daniyar, craving for creativity from childhood?

You can say yes. And if we talk about photography, these are school days, eighth or ninth grade. My friend loved to take pictures, and we went with him to take pictures wherever we could. All parks and attractions could not do without us and our photo works. By the end of high school, I started taking photographs myself. The birth of me as a photographer began at the moment when I worked as a journalist. It was necessary to shoot reports that are attached to the articles.


2. Do you give master classes, but do you attend such workshops from other photographers?

I was lucky, I studied at the New York Academy. My friend and teacher, Denis Chesnokov, dragged me into this. I listen to him, consulting perhaps in something. I don’t attend master classes.


3. Do you have your favorite photos?

I really enjoy the series of my work that I shot for Dorohins Magazine. It was these works that I remember, we had only 2 hours to shoot. It usually takes much longer. And here in the studio there was free time from 18:00 to 20:00, and we did everything promptly. I think the ideal result is a consequence of force majeure. Because you’re doing your best.


4. Which of the world’s photographers is an example for you, if any?

This is Lillian Bassman, Daniel Jackson. Also brand photographers: Prada, YSL, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein.


5. Are you often criticized? How do you feel about criticism?

Fashion photographers don’t like criticism. And in general, few people love her (smiles). I take criticism seriously. But if this criticism belongs to the category of worthy, and not just unfounded, then I’m ready to listen. It depends on who criticizes and how they argue it, and not just “I don’t like it, it’s bad.” If a person put my work next to his, and it is really better, then I will accept it with dignity. And I don’t perceive criticism from envy or from inconsistency, and I don’t want to listen.


6. Do you sometimes have an image and want to do a photo shoot, without orders and commerce?

Yes, sometimes. I try to do it in my free time. Unfortunately now it is practically non-existent. And I’m getting old, I’m going to embody in commercial photo shoots. So he will say to combine the pleasant with the useful. (smiles)


7. You are a fashion photographer, what brands and agencies do you work with?

I cooperate with the EAT models agency, ANDRES models are the best in Kazakhstan. These are 2 top agencies in our country. Magazines: L’Official, Men’s Health, Akva Magazine, Dorohins Magazine, brands – ZHEREBTSOV and many others.


8. Does the expression “shoemaker without boots” refer to you?

No, because I really like to be photographed. A lot of people ask me who is taking my photo. Usually these are my friends when we walk. I give them an idea and they can take 120 shots until I see what I wanted to see.


9. What inspires you? Is there a muse? 🙂

To be honest, I am inspired by individual moments in my life. More films, I just adore them and devote some time to watching them. Sometimes it happens that a representative of the beautiful half of humanity inspires and fascinates. But to be honest, it’s very difficult, because I work with a lot of girls, models, beauties every day, so I just treat it like a job. Every day a new type, which you also already saw on the set a month ago. You know all the habits, manners.


10. In Europe, the fashion industry is very developed, are there any plans to leave?

Now there are orders from Prague and Moscow. I’ll fly there soon to work with an American designer. The most interesting thing is that the designer used to live in Kazakhstan and studied at an American school. Therefore, I am doubly glad to cooperate. I am open to new projects, but I am aware that it is not so easy to enter the European market and you need to weigh everything, prepare, work and work.


11. A recipe for success from a fashion photographer from Almaty?

More practice and more practice. Because without it, nothing. The photographer must immediately know in what style he wants to shoot and process the picture. Instead of taking a photo and then thinking about what to do with it. You need to shoot in such a way that the photo requires only minimal processing. In general, more practice and know what you want.

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