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How many people stop halfway to a dream? How many people do nothing at all to achieve those very cherished dreams? And now, straight from Milan, our compatriot, promising young opera singer Vladislav Kosov, shares his methods and recipes for achieving what he wants.

1. Vladislav, according to the first two educations, you are a lawyer and an economist. Why did he change course so abruptly?

Yes, indeed, I already have two higher educations. I would not say that this is too harsh, because the desire and passion for vocals has always been present. It manifested itself to a greater or lesser extent, and not only in the soul (laugh). And, apparently, the moment came when my true desires won. There is no exact time when this happened and began. I can’t even remember the first time this thought occurred to me. Everything happened by itself, as it should have happened. With all this, I am absolutely satisfied that I graduated from the two previous universities and received an education in these specialties. These are not just diplomas, but, precisely, the knowledge that helped me later come to Milan and start my studies here.


2. When did you first get the idea that you want to become an opera singer?

I never thought about becoming an opera singer. I have always loved to sing and it all started with karaoke. When I had free time, I just disappeared into karaoke and I really liked it. I learned something new, improved. Later there were competitions where I managed to distinguish myself from the rest of the participants. Since these were pop music competitions, my vocals stood out. I realized that my voice is quite special and needs to be handled differently. Gradually, while studying vocals, they began to offer me to study classical vocals, as the teachers saw the potential. But, I never gave up classes in pop vocals and at the same time I also studied classical vocals. The most important thing is that I absolutely love what I do.


3. Why did you choose Milan for education?

This choice came about spontaneously as I considered several institutions for my studies. Milan has many positives: a large city, modern and rich in culture, where there are plenty of opportunities. Here is the theater “La Scala” – one of the first in importance in the singing world. Italy is the country of Belcanto, where opera originated. There were no issues with the country. I came here with great hope that they would hear me, believe in me and take me.


4. How did your loved ones react to such a decision to radically change their lives? Did they support you?

To put it mildly, they were dumbfounded and did not quite understand why I was doing this, since it is not always easy to leave for another country. It’s hard for me to imagine how I would have reacted to such a decision in their place. But, most importantly, now we have come to the same opinion. My family support me and are proud of me. I am extremely happy about this, because now I have new strength to reach and conquer new heights. It is important that everything goes in unison.


5. Milan is associated with fashion for everyone. Have you become really fashionable in four years of living here?

Milan is indeed a very fashionable city. Fashion trends are born here, many shows are held, fashion bloggers, stylists, and celebrities gather. But I am from Odessa! And Odessa has always dictated its fashion and its inhabitants are distinguished by their unique individuality. So I didn’t have to adapt to local trends. I’m just the way I am and I feel comfortable here.


6. Do you want to stay in Milan or do you have other plans to conquer the world’s operatic heights?

Initially, I had no intention of staying. There was and is a goal to learn, to understand all the subtleties of this activity and to gain experience and knowledge as much as possible. I won’t stop at Italy. I want to develop! I want to please people with my vocals in many parts of the world.


7. And, finally, give some advice to those who have not yet found themselves and, perhaps, also want to come to Milan and conquer it.

Everything is very simple and there is only one rule – to believe in yourself, in your goal and go towards it without retreating a single step. Be true to your cause, regardless of place, time. And always look at everything that happens in your life positively, because, as they say, the glass is not only half empty, but also half full.

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