Whatever you call a ship, so it will float, many people believe in it…


DJ Relanium, aka Vyacheslav Solovyov, straight from Moscow, spoke about childhood dreams, tours abroad, his own school for DJ’s and his personal life.

1. Vyacheslav, it has always been interesting how DJs choose their pseudonyms… Why Relanium?

DJs, musicians and other personalities choose pseudonyms based on various factors, someone takes derivatives from the last name or first name, someone chooses a pseudonym according to the meaning, someone is guided by how the name sounds, is it memorable, is it not difficult to pronounce it, there are those who go to Google and see if the search queries associated with his name will lead to something compromising. Whatever you call a ship, so it will float, many believe in it. I will probably keep silent about my pseudonym this time, I have already answered this question many times)))


2. Many young people dream of conquering Moscow. Did you succeed, what is your formula for success?

I don’t consider the conquest of Moscow to be something outstanding, first of all, you need to conquer the listener, whether he is from Moscow, Vladivostok or from some outback – it doesn’t matter, because in the end your popularity and demand is formed not only by the Moscow listener . Yes, and Moscow today is not an indicator.
As for the formula for success, I can say the following: be original and patient, do something that will fundamentally distinguish you from others, repeat less often surprise, be consistent and not lazy (I actively struggle with the latter😺), develop in different directions, learn and expand your horizons, surround yourself with smart and successful people, do not “wait for the weather from the sea” and rely only on yourself, set specific goals and tasks and solve them on time. Plus, communication and perseverance should be your best friends.


3. You recently got married. How does the wife perceive night work?

My wife treats my work with understanding, often helps and motivates me. After all, she is the same creative person as I am, in this regard, we found each other. And the fact that work is at night or during the day, work is work. True, on non-working days, my beloved tries to push me so that I don’t go to bed late and don’t knock down my sleep pattern, she takes care of my health))


4. In childhood, boys often dream of becoming policemen, astronauts, etc. Continue the phrase: “when I grow up, I will become …”

… then I will become a space pioneer, I will discover new planets and galaxies)))


5. You often fly to different cities and countries, just returned from a tour in Germany. As far as I know, you didn’t have an agent before. Has the situation changed now?

I always had agents, different people who helped with the search for performances, I was not particularly assigned to this or that agency, lately I try to deal with these issues on my own, but sometimes I don’t refuse their help and sometimes I help myself if there is one opportunity.


6. You have your own DJ school where you teach guys all the basics. Is it easier to teach girls or boys? 🙂

Yes, there is a school for writing electronic music where I conduct personal classes, it is still located on the basis of my apartment, but perhaps in the near future and I will move to a studio specially designated for this, while there is no need and sense for this, with the guys I can perfectly share my knowledge and experience without leaving your workplace (where actually all the “magic” happens), or online on the Internet.
Regarding gender differences, this is an individual question, there are girls who will give odds to any guy, the main thing is to burn with this because creativity has no gender, nationality and religion. Of course, I have met only a few such examples, as a rule, the male half is more active in the direction of musical production, but this does not affect the ability to learn in any way.


7. Are there any clubs where you really, really want to play?

Of course there is, like any colleague in the shop! It would be great to play in … well, here is an extensive list of the world’s top clubs with an incredible level of organization)))


8. You performed in Odessa, would you like to come to Ukraine?

I performed several times, I really like it in Odessa, it’s cozy and sincere, there are a lot of wonderful and interesting people.
I have always been happy to visit Ukraine and will continue to visit it, there is a great mood on the dance floor, people are very open to new music, and besides, I have a lot of good friends and colleagues in Ukraine!


9. Are you a whimsical DJ? What is special about your rider?

In my rider you will not find foie gras, lobsters, oysters, gourmet drinks, in general, without any frills)) The main thing is that it was tasty and everything worked properly))


10. How were you received in Germany? Draw parallels between Russian club culture and German?

In Germany, they received it perfectly, very hospitable and open guys, everything went without a hitch! For several trips to Germany, I made good friends with whom I had a good time!
To be honest, it’s hard to talk about parallels, everything is just different there, a completely different culture.


11. What 5 words would you use to describe Moscow club life?

Nimble, sassy, ​​party, well-coordinated, sometimes a little haughty.

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