Vlad Pritulyak “Life has long shown me that it makes no difference who you are by nationality or religion…”


Vlad Pritulyak is a young, creative young man from Moscow with Ukrainian roots who shoots High Five videos that are rapidly gaining popularity, thus blurring borders around the world.

1. How do you react to criticism in your address?

I always react differently. There are several types of criticism. Constructive criticism, when a person does not just say or write some kind of negative, but gives you advice, thanks to which you can notice your mistake and subsequently not repeat it. I take this kind of criticism positively. Because this person cares about your work and wants to make it better. Of course, I do not always listen, but very often I get good advice that helps me make my product better. And it’s unpleasant to read a simple negative, of course, but I don’t judge such people, they have their own vision of life and I can’t help them anymore.


2. Your videos are very kind and positive – will kindness save the world? 

I can’t say for sure. But, I know for sure that it is much more pleasant to give positive and good to people than anything else.


3. Your videos get views, you start to be popular. Was it a goal or did it happen spontaneously?

I always have a desire to create something and, of course, I want this creation to be seen and appreciated by many. But, I did not think and did not plan that the High Five video would become popular. So, rather it happened spontaneously.


4. You studied at the Moscow University of Friendship of Peoples, which is very symbolic, given that you are a native of Kazakhstan, and by nationality – half Russian and Ukrainian. Do you blur boundaries with your High Five? 

Life has long shown me that it doesn’t matter who you are by nationality or religion, in any country in the world there are kind and positive people who are ready to do a good deed at any moment. Perhaps one of my ideas in the video just demonstrates this idea. Because, lately, they very often try to impose on us the view that our country, people and religion are the best and form some kind of negative opinion about other countries.


5. You already have videos from Bangkok, Abkhazia, Kyiv, Moscow, Astana. What is the next city? 

In 2 weeks, perhaps, I will go with the KVN team, in which I used to perform, to the city of Chisinau. And then I will immediately fly to my homeland, to the city of Almaty, for the birthday of my dearest person, my younger sister. I will definitely shoot a video there, there are insanely beautiful mountains and very responsive people. In general, I want to visit as many countries as possible and, perhaps, somehow, I will go on a trip around the world.


6. Are there creative people in your family or are you the only one? And how did your loved ones perceive your hobby? 

My dad is a very creative person. She writes poetry, shoots videos, sings very beautifully. My sister is always creating something, she loves to edit videos about gymnasts (smiles). The family can be called creative. Everyone supports each other in any endeavors. In general, I think that support is the most important thing that can be. This is the so-called stimulator of creation. For the support I would like to thank my family, friends and, in particular, one girl, Natalia, who creates a second family for many creative people, including me. She created a community called “Relove”. A magical person who taught me a lot and supported me in a variety of situations.


7. Have you graduated from the university, do you work in your specialty or have you completely gone into creativity? 

I do not work in my specialty, there is a small business that is not related to creativity, but I want to connect work with my favorite pastime and fully enjoy life.


8. What can you wish for those people who want to realize their dreams, but are afraid? 

From what I understood in my short life, you need to overcome your fears, start with the smallest ones and believe in your dream to the end, there are always a lot of obstacles, of course, and the desire to give up comes very often, but, probably, this is the very meaning of life.


9. Often creative people do not really like to review their work, as they are very self-critical. Do you have it?

It’s hard for me to watch, but I watch it from time to time)
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