The Anor girl is the girl who is not afraid to be bold…


A young designer from Kazakhstan, who in a short time was able to become a favorite of local fashionistas, is Olga Salamatova, the owner of the Anor brand.


1. Olga, how long has your brand existed in Kazakhstan?

The brand is quite young. We are only five months old. This is more of a hobby than my main activity. My brand is my brainchild. Today I position it as my favorite hobby.


2. When did you realize that you wanted to be a fashion designer?

I’ve always wanted to do this. As a child, she sewed dresses for dolls, invented all sorts of outfits. It’s a very feminine thing and I’ve always wanted to do it. After graduating from school, I wanted to continue my studies at a specialized design school, to be a fashion designer. But my parents were against it. For people with Soviet hardening, this is, in general, not a profession. Today I have free time plus the opportunity and I decided to do what I always wanted to do.

3. Do you want to expand your horizons?

Of course yes! Today we are not only in Almaty, but also in Uzbekistan and several stores in Kazakhstan. There are Anor stores in Karaganda, Astana and Chimkent.


4. You use natural fabrics in your products, and the prices remain quite affordable. How do you manage to keep a balance?

Only natural fabrics are the hallmark of the entire collection. Of course, you can make a different pricing, but we are trying very hard to keep affordable prices in times of crisis. To make our products available to everyone who likes us. I am very pleased that many girls can wear my clothes.


5. Your things are quite interesting, with national ornaments. Do you support patriotism?

This is an oriental print. There are also Turkic motives, and Uzbek, and Tajik. Oriental flavor is quite saturated.


6. Perhaps there are plans to launch a men’s collection?

Yes, there are plans! Initially, I didn’t even think about it. I was sure that these prints are exclusively for women. But there are many fashionistas in Almaty, the industry is very developed. Many guys ask to do something for them. Therefore, I hope that in the spring collection I will please our guys.


7. Do you work on creating collections seasonally or do you also release special collections, for example, for the New Year or March 8?

There is seasonality as such, but I made a collection of dresses for the New Year. It was all dismantled from the exhibition. I try to time the release of the collection to some event too. Of course, by March 8, I will please the girls with new products.


8. Your outfits are worn by public people, for example, “Miss Kazakhstan”. Do you treat all clients equally individually?

Absolutely the same. It can be the item with the highest price tag or the lowest, but I still approach each of my clients with the same care.


9. Anor girl, what is she like?

She is modern, very active, positive and courageous. This is the kind of girl who is not afraid to be bold and wear bright outfits.


10. Are you planning to take part in fashion week?

Yes, of course there is. I would like to take part in various shows, exhibitions. But, if you show your collection, you want it to be beautiful and grandiose.


11. The year has just come. What are your goals?

I would like to attract more customers this year. So that the girls are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. In Kazakhstan, for some reason, many prefer dark colors.

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