Abdel Mukhtarov: “I have always said and I say one thing – you need to do what you love …”


Direct flight from Almaty – Abdel Mukhtarov. TV presenter and owner of the event agency “Vangard”, producer of the popular and sensational group “MEZZO” in Kazakhstan’s X-Factor.

1. Abdel, why did you start organizing events?
It comes from childhood. I have always been engaged in all sorts of skits, KVN and it was a great pleasure. My first education is from a completely different field – economics. When I graduated from high school, I worked out my red diploma for a year and a half in a financial company. At some point, the question arose – how to live on? And I came to the conclusion that you need to do what brings pleasure. Gathered his strength, gave up everything and went into a creative free life. I have never regretted my decision and feel great.


2. You give a holiday to people, doing all the subtleties of the organization. But sometimes you also want to relax, and here the expression “a shoemaker without boots” suggests itself?

No! We all know how to relax. We like to give positive emotions, so we often organize holidays for friends and relatives. This is a completely different side. At work, we also give ourselves completely, but when it comes to our events, anniversaries, birthdays, we do it all beautifully.


3. How do you manage to combine everything, because you are still a TV presenter and producer?

You know everything about me … (smiles), but how could it be otherwise? At some point, the realization comes that this is life! Now and today, not tomorrow and then. This is not a preparatory period, we live now and we need to work, do, because then there will be no possibility. Time is very fleeting and as long as there is energy, strength, we work, work and work. I remember one expression that when we are young, we have no experience, but there is courage and fire. When we are adults, we have experience but no courage. Therefore, now we are gaining experience, by trial and error, ups and downs. I believe that everyone should work! I do not recognize idlers.


4. Your agency provides a full range of services, and this requires knowledge and skills in many industries. How many people work with you?

Our team is not that big, we are 5 people plus those we hire. This is a creative team of people from different fields led by me. We saw a lot, visited a lot of places, came into contact with different areas – music, theater, contemporary art. We can and do offer our clients something that has broader value on an international level. As it seems to us, at least, our events are different from most others that local organizers do.


5. Are you a producer of the MEZZO group, but do you want to become a producer of a TV show?

There is a very big desire. My second education is a film and television producer. But, again, it was an experiment. I am a person from music and it plays a major role for me. What I do with the group is my face. “MEZZO” is very different from other Kazakh bands. The genre of performance is close to the group ” Il Divo”“(“Il Divo”). In voices, style, in relation to music and work. We work only live at all events, regardless of whether it is a regular wedding or a government concert. In Kazakhstan, the problem is that almost everyone works to a phonogram. Regarding the television issue, our television is not the kind of television where I would be interested in working. This is all propaganda, the imposition of ideas. I grew up on Western channels, music, I studied in England and I have a slightly different vision of how things should be. Our producers take advantage of the fact that the population is not sophisticated and perceives everything that they are given. I’m not interested in watching phonogram projects. It’s not mine, that’s all. But I have an idea to create something different from everything else.


6. If you remember your goals five years ago that you wanted to achieve by this time, have you fulfilled your plan by 100%?

No. But, 80% – for sure, and 20% – still needs to be completed. Sometimes I scold myself, and then I look, everything seems to be going fine. But, again, everything is known in comparison, but you need to be equal only to the best. Then there will be an incentive to do something and not stop.


7. Which event organized by your agency do you remember the most?

We often hold events and they are all beautiful. My approach is to surprise. Since it is already difficult to surprise the modern public of Kazakhstan with some elements of decor or show. We already had everyone, except for Madonna. We invited chefs from London to the event. These are Michelin chefs, and each has 1-2 stars. There was a very interesting author’s cuisine. For one event, we invited the pastry chef of the Elysee Palace from France. For his cake, we brought berries by plane. This is the approach I’m interested in. Impressions from such events remain for a long time.


8. A creative and versatile person like you must have his own special formula for success. Perhaps share some secrets?

I have always said and I say one thing – a person, in order to succeed, needs to do what he loves and he needs to be the best at it. If these two factors work, then everything will work out. And if you like to do something, but you do it worse than others, then nothing will work out. And vice versa, if you do something well, but do not feel with your soul. You need to be able to listen to yourself and hear. We need to return to childhood, because in childhood we are honest with ourselves and what we do is sincere and from the heart. Therefore, I return to the days of my childhood, do what I like and make every effort, diligence and it pays off.


9. The new year has just begun. What goals do you set for yourself and what can you wish to the readers?

The main thing is that there should be no war and that we all live in peace. Given the situation in the world, our desires become unimportant and everything fades into the background. There are several projects that I want to organize this year. We want to give a big solo concert with the group with a symphony orchestra in the historical building of the city of Almaty – the Opera and Ballet Theatre.

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