The world saw the first Ukrainian Fashion Directory / Fashion Directory of Ukraine


The whole world has been talking about Ukrainian designers for a long time. Ukrainian brands are worn by both ordinary fashionable Ukrainians and Ukrainian women, and world celebrities are known all over the world, and fashion has become a full-fledged component of the creative industry in recent years.

Fashion historian and fashion critic Zoya Zvinyatskyvska, together with the fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar Ukraine Anton Eremenko, published the book Fashion Directory of Ukraine – the first publication about people who create fashion in Ukraine.

The authors of the book recorded one hundred hours of interviews with 92 representatives of different areas of the Ukrainian fashion industry: designers, stylists, photographers, retailers and other insiders.

Among them are the nominees of the list of influential people in the BoF 500 fashion world: Vita Kin, Anton and Ksenia Schneider, Asya Mkhitaryan and Dmitry Evenko, the duet of photographers Synchrodogs, Masha Reva.

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