The most stylish toothbrushes in the world – SLIM by Apriori


Do you think a toothbrush performs only its hygienic functions and every 3 months it needs to be replaced with a new one?!

How much do you think the most expensive toothbrush costs? $200, a thousand? And how do you like the exclusive model of a toothbrush for $25,000?!

The British company APRIORI produces functional, stylish, eco-friendly and even exclusive toothbrushes according to your order.

Her SLIM by Apriori line , which is produced in Ukraine, received the most prestigious global design award – the Red Dot Product Design Awards 2020.

This line has been in production since 2019.

This line uses DuPont nylon bristles in two hardnesses: soft bristles in black models; and medium hardness – in brushes with white handles. The asymmetrical bristle pad is designed to improve the efficiency of brushing your teeth.

At first glance, a very simple design of brushes is actually thought out to the smallest detail: lightness, convenience, straight handle, which tapers from the top to the bottom in the side view.

Metallized caps are made in Italy, and brushes are stuffed and assembled in Ukraine.

SLIM by Apriori toothbrushes can be purchased on the brand’s website

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