Lena Mordovina about shows within Ukrainian Fashion Week


On September 3, as part of UFW 2019, new collections were shown: Lallier, Darja Donezz and   Malva Florea of ​​the SS20 season.

Lallier was pleasantly surprised with new interesting silhouettes and unusual design solutions for both clothes and shoes.

Darja Donezz won the hearts of the professional audience with flying French chic, performed in the style of different periods – from the 40s to the 90s, and a range of solutions – from revealing translucent outfits to completely “closed” models. And the phenomenal effect of all this is when the clothes make you involuntarily look up at the face of the woman who wears them and become interested in her personality. And this, in fact, is one of   the main tasks   of fashion.

Malva Florea enchantingly completed the shows of the day with a demonstration of ingenious in form and execution of organza models and explosive red, skillfully and subtly used in the collection. The organizers were not mistaken by ending the day with this magnificent show.

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