Lecture “Leadership in fashion” with Daria Shapovalova


The program of the lecture “ Leadership in Fashion”  is designed for those who want to answer the main question “How does the fashion industry work today and how can I take my leadership position in it”.

Audience of the lecture: the lecture “Leadership in Fashion” is suitable for everyone who is just starting or planning their own business in the fashion industry and wants to build a successful project; who are already working on their own brand and want to improve their business results, as well as all those who are already interested in fashion, but want to improve their knowledge and speak the professional language of the industry.

During the lecture you will:

•Receive maximum up-to-date information on marketing topics in the fashion industry, brand building, sales, rules for building work in a creative team;

•Learn a lot of insider information about the fashion industry.

Lecture date: June 25, 2019, from 19.00 to 21.00

The cost of the lecture until June 15 is 499 UAH;

The cost of the lecture after June 15 is 799 UAH.

Lecture program:

— What you need to know about the fashion industry today in order to build a successful business.

— Innovative models in the fashion business.

– Where to get information about fashion, what to read, what to watch.

– “Bibliography”

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