Sometimes people write. Some of them know the words, while others make do with the meaning. Coincidences are rare, so they are referred to the literature. The thing is that the meaning does not always carry the word. The converse will also be true.

Tell us how your creative path began? 

Like all decent people – from a divorce. I think this is exactly the state when life suddenly enters the horizon and a sense of perspective. There are also feelings of the end, but they are usually not long. Next is the ubiquitous case.

Of course, there are cases in the life of orderly citizens, but there they are less noticeable. In addition, they are always the first to be noticed by relatives, who take all necessary measures.

About Case:

– the once beloved girl suddenly found me , and the pause of love was almost Dumas. Which in itself is a fairly common thing for girls, love and all French literature, except for Emile Zola. He was a gloomy subject who preferred naturalism, for which he was not read even by the French , with the exception of Maxim Gorky. However, the latter was a Russian classic, and I distracted myself .

So, they found me , and she ( I love this word) was far away.

I am in Odessa, she is in Alma-Ata , just a perfect canon a la Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Vladi and the strings of my heart broke

What to do? – write letters. It is possible by e mail .

From some blessed moment, we began to write to each other daily , a common thing for newly inadvertently in love, Genoa, Verona, XVII century. Now it ‘s a real exclusive .

Letters themselves unconsciously teach style and affect vocabulary, but from the point of view of affaires d’ amour , it will not be enough.

Turned to prose.

The first essay for her (oh, she!) Wrote about the impressions of skiing in Turkey, Sarikamish , the second about feminism from the point of view of ethnogenesis – https :// ky-4144 .

After the first meeting, prose was diluted with lyrics, precisely from September 21, 2011, and here it is, literature.

– Is a journalist a profession or a vocation of the soul?

In my everyday opinion, the concept of “profession” in its natural form peacefully left us in the 90s of the twentieth unforgettable years, with some unconditional exceptions. For example, it is difficult for me to understand that there is a professional manager , as a set of skills and the final product , in an advertising agency in a city near Kharkov or in the We ate hypermarket chain. He is mysterious to me, this mystic.

There is also a lack of professionalism. Usually the phrase – I’m a professional! – sounds in life and on the screen from characters whose area of ​​\u200b\u200boccupation is difficult to describe within the framework of the Labor Code.

On the other hand, it is almost never used, for example, by gynecologists and pathologists. I do not exclude the possibility that they all consider themselves amateurs.

As for journalists, there is an attraction par excellence , a passion for the public word in its written form . In the Middle Ages, these people went as scribes to monasteries, became itinerant actors , as well as troubadours, minnesingers and heralds. That is , such a special style of being in the word and news (news). Johannes Guttenberg, the Lumière brothers, and Reverend Steve (Jobs) simply added tools to the original craft.

Of course, everything said here is subjective, and therefore refers to a parallel reality.

—   how do you feel about the modern branch of journalism — bloggers?

Rather, as to the editors of the wall newspaper and the correspondents of factory newspapers , there were such popular mass media in the times of the world of orthodox systems.

There is neither arrogance nor neglect in this , Sergey Dovlatov , and Jack Kerouac , and Charles (eternal memory to him and his glass) Bukowski have gone through such a path.

It’s just difficult for me to consider this an offshoot of journalism, since this is journalism itself and is in its original, homemade (homespun) sense. A certain primary substance, which has an equal chance both to become a certain form and to merge into industrial waste. A common thing, because the presence of a horn does not imply the presence of a voice, just as the brain does not take root with any vocal .

Naturally, in the days of wall newspapers and large-circulation newspapers, everything was simpler and humanly easier. The primary selection was made by someone else, censorship schooled the mind and style, the personality suffered less when outsiders refused. And freedom can only be cruel, otherwise it is not freedom .

As for the term blogger itself, it is still more fun than the concept of “political scientist”, the latter seem to me more like objects of clinical research than journalism.

But a blogger is a rather dangerous bait for an inexperienced fish. Something like a social and labor label, which everyone is free to sew on himself, is much more difficult to argue.

After all, there is absolutely no one to say: Vasya, you are mediocre! – maybe in animal husbandry?

As a result, human zero-gust search, 15-inch view and status


I exaggerate, which is noticeable .

What kind of journalism do you see in the future ?

A purely corporate culture, even tougher than in the Victorian era, when the gentlemen in the club read the Times.

It is a paradox, but with visually accessible freedom of expression for all , clanness becomes more distinct, the culture of closed clubs is more closed than in the time of Oscar Wilde, and the information environment around us acquires a distinct caste character. Social networks should not lead to embarrassment, the same Facebook is lined up into classes cooler than Egypt of the era of the Old Kingdom , for all the unbearable lightness of being in it.

Of course, in many ways, the journalist will remain the same as now (we do not take into account media carriers), but this much will remain as a kind of folk art or amateur art of certain times and for the same public .

It seems that the first watershed will be simply in terms of the ability to perceive arbitrary text . Whether so, no, in contrast to the Soviet period, universal education remained universal, but ceased to be education. In other words, everyone knows for the letters, read the question.

No matter how worn out Orwell is, but probably there will be only two types of journalism: popular and elite, without a softening layer between them.

I don’t know if this is a tragedy.


Do you have idols, role models?

Yes, but as a rule they are not journalists, more and more generalists and a slightly different branch of the mind. Probably, I like Yaroslav Gashek the most, I read him more often than others in my childhood. The adventures of the good soldier Švejk are, first of all, a classic of reporting, in which the entire Austro-Hungarian monarchy, a fair share of the First World War and the entire Czech national character fit. At the same time , the book itself was published as a newspaper report, only a little later, by the decision of academic minds, it became a classic of the modern Czech novel.

Then apparently brother Ham.

Here is not so much professional as the taste of life as pages.

The guy wrote about everything, in free form and for anywhere you want. Those. was free as any amendment to the Estados Unidos Constitution . And in a way, he created a new American literary language. Without him, Dan Brown would most likely be selling hamburgers where he belongs.

Well, the main idol is, of course, myself, Artur Novikov.

Go know what will come of this character, I honestly do not know.

you write for the Odessa-Almaty website, how did the idea of ​​creating such a website come about? 

Like all great ideas, it wasn’t mine.

The thing is that after our first meeting with Adam’s edge, the question arose – what to do?

In a higher sense further?

Of course, according to Petrarch and Abelard, one could continue to write letters, but who needs this frozen classicism? In any case, he didn’t interest me.

So, there was Alma-Ata, the place of the universal genesis of all the unusual girls on the planet , Odessa, and the cost of an air ticket between them.

I had no money, they didn’t take me as a flight attendant, I had to look for some way out and, oh, Eureka! – I thought for the public.

The thought was this:

Alma-Ata is the Southern Capital of Kazakhstan, Odessa is the Southern Palmyra and the cultural capital of Ukraine, and the idea of ​​a creative union simply cuts the unsophisticated eye.

So, I organize the House of Friendship Almaty – Odessa, the society applauds, the mayor’s offices finance the project, I fly at least once a month on paid business trips to Alma-Ata and the cultural exchange between our cities beats with the fountains of Versailles.

The idea eventually turned out to be vital, but not where I applauded myself.

The department of culture at the Odessa mayor’s office did not rejoice at all.

The last office I visited there in 2012 was littered with boxes of cognac and some tobacco products that were clearly not intended for re – export to Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The next step was a visit to the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Ukraine, and – I was lucky!

At that time, Argyn Sergazyevich Ospanov was the Counselor-Envoy (First Deputy Ambassador), then he recently arrived in Kyiv, and we found a common language.

To begin with, he advised me to make a website for the House of Friendship and write about my impressions of Kazakhstan, which I did. Here is the essay from October 2012: files / article01.html _

Thus, Argyn Ospanov became the godfather of a project that is quite lively today, and I –

 suddenly became a journalist.

( To my sorrow, business trips did not turn out so rosy. )

What defines a good journalist in your opinion?

Universality according to Leonardo da Vinci and a lucky star in the horoscope, I’m not kidding at all.

You can be as gifted a character as you like, as skillful as the Tula Lefty, but only the storyteller Ershov will know about you, and even then not for long.

You can be stubborn like Sisyphus, but only his show with cobblestones has already become boring for Zeus.

For me, the best example here is Jack London’s Martin Eden.

This guy is just a happy synthesis of talent, perseverance and a fluke.

Those who read will agree with me , those who do not – I recommend, one of the useful manuscripts of this world.

Well, both I and Eden have the key, of course, the girl.

On the other hand, what is a girl without keys? – Venus presents them at birth.

By themselves, journalistic qualities, their abyss with a small bottom. But I will definitely name higher education in the classical sense of the word first.

Versatility? – of course.

Languages, definitely.

And of course the sense of personal value, exceptional.

You are a lens and a mirror of external events, and how and what the reader sees through you is his personal business.

Of course, they exist, they are absolutely necessary, both canons and formats, style is insanely important. But you are not in them, but they are in your breast pocket, along with other craft paraphernalia.

Popularity is trash. There is absolutely no need for tens/hundreds of thousands to read you, readers are important, and they are not numerous.

Fortunately, probably.

What advice can you give to aspiring journalists?

First, to enter any university, except for the humanities, seriously. They structure the coming feather shark much better .

And , in my opinion, liberal arts universities create pre-installed reading systems, and here freedom is above all.

Alma Mater is also subject to careful selection, I would rather recommend the Odessa Maritime University or Cambridge. The first seems to be completed by Zhvanetsky, the second by Evelyn Waugh, which is also a good indicator of quality.

Linguistics, the first fairy of the craft , philosophy is the second .

Generally speaking , all great Russian literature arose solely thanks to the French language, which our classics were fluent in from childhood. Moreover, this is an exclusively local phenomenon, for a Frenchman, for example, knowledge of English is only to the detriment.

I believe the reverse is also true.

The feeling of a word is absolutely not given without the knowledge of at least one foreign language, and the impact on vision is simply colossal. Check, watching any movie in the original language completely changes the whole perception of the video sequence. Completely different actors, since our cheerful brain, imperceptibly for us, mounts vocals into a personality, other landscapes, a different sky, and so on.

And most importantly , un gou t de la vie – the taste of life, is changing completely radically.

Well, that’s enough . After reading immediately forget, improvisation.