Arsen Bayanov’s film is the winner of the “Ukrainian language – the language of unity” competition


My report on a trip to Kazakhstan, where I presented awards to Arsen Bayanov, the winner of the contest “Ukrainian language – language of the day”
Here is what the MIR 24 TV channel broadcasts in the story about this event:
— the documentary film “Alma-Ata: the city of jazz, the city of blues, the city of rock and roll” directed by Arsen Bayanov and the TV and radio company “Mir” became the winner of the competition “Ukrainian language – the language of association”. On behalf of the organizers, a journalist from Odessa, Kristina Pastukhova, personally arrived in Almaty and presented a medal and a diploma to the film director. “I met Arsen Bayanov a long time ago when I interviewed him for my website. We found common topics for conversation, since I am also a journalist and everything was very interesting. Arsen showed his books, films that were shown on the MIR TV channel. I gave these films to the head of the Odessa branch of the Union of Journalists of Ukraine Yuriy Rabotin. He was delighted and noted: “This is our youth, this is what it was,” said Christina Pastukhova, a member of the Union of Journalists of Ukraine, in her interview to the Mir TV channel.
This is the first project in the rockumentary style in Kazakhstan. He talks about the origin and development of pop music in the country, in particular, in Almaty. And for Arsen Bayanov, this is not the first musical film. Earlier, the director presented in the southern capital of the film “Almaty Chronicles. Musical transit” and “Alma-Ata informal”.

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