The book “Alma-Ata Informalnaya” by Arsena Bayanov


The 270 pages of this book takes you back several decades, when many things were banned and carefully hidden from the public. The book is divided into 12 parts, each with a different story. Alma-Ata is described as Patsanskaya, Tavernskaya, Fartsovaya, Gambling, Criminal, Vicious, KGB, Mystical, Alcoholic, Bohemian, Musical, Beatlemanskaya.

According to the author, life itself wrote the script for this book. After all, in it all the events are just not fictional, but the coincidences with the characters are real. Of course, without unnecessary details and unnecessary details. The writing style is quite free and open. Either love it or hate it!

Personally, I recommend reading this book to anyone who wants to know what Almaty was like during the Soviet Union! Find out what was and what was not, what is true and what is fiction!

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