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One sunny Sunday afternoon, we met a girl who started her life and career in Milan almost from scratch, having arrived here a year and a half ago.Maria Raiskaya, former brand manager of mono-boutiques and multi-brands of the first and second lines in Yekaterinburg, and now an employee of Vittorio Emmanuelle, one of the best Show-Rooms in Milan, shared the main tips and recommendations for stylish and fashionable girls.
Tips from Maria Rayskaya

1. The first thing I will note is that it doesn’t matter what fashion is now. The main thing is to always be well-groomed, this is hair, skin, eyebrows, makeup. First of all, a girl should be able to properly care for herself.


2. Now the fashion is very flexible or, as the Italians say, “elastico”. Now, in fact, everything is possible. There is an emphasis on the 90s, bright colors, bombers, short skirts, leather jackets. Although, in reality, everything is very heavily mixed – and the 60s, and 70s, and 80s. Plus, modernity of the 21st century is added to all the elements. Everything that is in the wardrobe can be safely mixed and dressed. You need to follow fashion bloggers, because they wear the most fashionable first. For example, flares are still in fashion, and this is “hello from the 70s.” And boyfriend jeans are already moving away and femininity, high waist is returning.


3. I answer all my friends who ask for advice on how to always be in trend without having a large bank account, that you need to be very careful about your things, buy only natural fabrics, as they are more durable. If you want to buy a coat for yourself, then it doesn’t matter if it is from the first line or the second, the main thing is the composition of the fabric! You need to have many pairs of shoes, so it is better to make a good investment, which will definitely only be a plus for you. As we see now, everything is in fashion, and a pointed toe, and a round one, and a square one, a heel and a stiletto heel, and a thick steady one, and the absolute absence of a heel, and sports shoes, more than ever, are at the peak of popularity.


4. A very important point – bags. Here I would emphasize that the bag should be expensive and natural. Let it be better for you to have one, but – a symbolic one.


5. If we talk about dresses and skirts, then any length is relevant. Maxi, midi and mini. The main thing is the right combination of shoes and other clothes with a skirt or dress. If you want to be romantic and attract attention, especially men’s, then a floor-length dress will come to the rescue. The next day, you can be completely different by wearing a miniskirt during the day, but not with high heels. Please remember!


6. Hair color and styling is your accessory! And don’t underestimate the importance of hair. Your hair color can both add charm to your image and spoil it.


7. Hats are now a little off. Perhaps this is due to bloggers, because previously every fashionable blogger girl had to take a photo in a hat, and there were so many of them that it ceased to be a trend. The hats were replaced by scarves, caps, and berets. The coolest hats in H&M as they are woolen and stylish. When they return to fashion again, then run exactly there for them.


8. If you go into a store and see that what you are looking for is not there, then you should not look for it. After all, all stores and brands keep up with the times and sell only what is now fashionable.


9. Fashion for backpacks has now calmed down a bit and now small handbags have come into fashion. This, of course, is not always convenient, since modern girls should have a phone, wallet, notebook, pen, cosmetic bag and much more in their purse. Now even shopper bags are much smaller than before.


10. If we talk about colors, then all classic flowers will always be in fashion. Very nice combination of red and blue. For all girls, for example, a note – in the summer you can put on red pumps, a T-shirt, but it is cold red with hints of corral and blue trousers – this is a super-stylish combination. Nude colors will never go out of fashion, because after winter you always want to dress in something gentle and cute.

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