Luca Corillo: “We work with global brands, and this brings in millions of fees …”


Luca Corillo, director of the famous modeling agency in Milan – NologoWomen, shared the requirements for models and the results of work at Milan Fashion Week.

1. Luca, how many years have you been working in the modeling business?

Already 15 years, but sometimes it seems to me that an eternity has already passed since the beginning of our agency.


2. Models from which countries do you work with the most?

Of course, there are many girls from Ukraine. Also Poland, Holland and Brazil are the best countries with models. Our agency has 65 models from all over the world who are actively working. And that’s not counting those in the database.


3. To get to your agency, what external data should a girl have?

We choose models according to different parameters, mainly body parameters, age. Hips 88-89 cm, maximum 92 cm. There may be exceptions, but this is if a very beautiful body and a good appearance in general. 37 foot size, but again there may be exceptions. Height is mostly from 174 cm, but usually 177 cm. These are the main parameters, but if you work as a comercial model, then these standards are not so strict, but for beauty models there are very strict criteria. We had a case where a girl with a height of 170 cm had good contracts, but this is a rare case. Fashion business requires versatility.


4. I know that you cooperate with the Ukrainian modeling agency Mysse Agency. With what else?

Yes, now we have one wonderful model from Mysse Agency. We also work with Amazon, Art-podium in Odessa. In Kyiv 1MotherAgency, TMG Models and others. It’s hard for me to remember all the names now, as we work with a huge number of agencies around the world.


5. Who is the pride of your agency?

Do you have the best model? I can’t say that this model is the best and that one is the worst. But there are models that work one or two seasons, there are those that work 4 years. All of us are beautiful, in demand and professional.


6. What designers and brands are you most proud of working with?

We always work with many clients and famous designers. Therefore, now I can not single out one brand. Our last job was at Fashion Week Milano, we provided male models for Armani, D&G. We work with global brands and we have male models who work for Gucci. Model girls work in Gucci, Valentino. Collaboration with such brands brings millions of fees.


7. In everyday life, do you also strictly evaluate the girls you see?

Quite differently. First of all, I look at girls as models. I evaluate them only from a professional point of view. And if you consider that novice models are 16 years old, then they are children for me.

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