The formula for success is to revise your closet once every half a year, and give away things that are more than 2 years old


Kirill Savchenko is a stylist and fashion blogger from Kyiv who considers himself a Fashion Snob and is not afraid to talk aloud about becoming the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine.

1. When did you start getting into fashion?

I started to get involved in fashion at the age of 13-14, then the VOGUE magazine fell into my hands. Leafing through every page of the magazine, I realized that I like everything and it’s mine!!! And after that, I began to actively get involved in fashion and study it. Later, my love for fashion grew into a career.


2. 10 years ago, would you have thought that fashion would enter your life so closely and become a profession?

You know, from a very early age, my parents followed my style. In fact, I didn’t really bother what I was wearing, but for my parents it was important. Thanks to this, I began to develop a taste for clothes.
Now I combine things with dexterity. Sometimes I come to the shooting and I understand that the things that the photographer has selected are difficult to combine, but I try to do the impossible.


3. You are a stylist and a blogger. Do you prefer to dress or write?

I am a Fashion Snob) And I love to dress people up and see how they change.
The fact that I write my articles is an internal state.
A fine line to watch.


4. Who is the number 1 designer in the world for you?

Christian Dior. I don’t even know at what point in my life it happened that I fell in love with all the shows that I watched this fashion house!
At this point in time, the creative directors of the house began to change often. But still, each subsequent designer conveys the image of Dior that was, and this is great.


5. From Ukrainian?

Here I will not comment, since I am a client of many designers. All of them are great!


6. How do you see your career in 10 years?

This is my favorite question! I see myself as the editor of a magazine, which one I will not say.
Time will tell and you will find out! 🙂


7. As a stylist, are you critical of people on the street?

I used to pay attention to how people dress. But now no, for the reason that everyone has a different income, taste, and lack of it. 🙂
And plus, many dress as they feel comfortable and this is their right.
Someone thinks that I dress ridiculously, and someone says that everything is perfect.
You can’t please everyone!


8. In your blog, do you express purely your opinion or do you still adapt to trends?

Only your opinion. Because I have been working in the fashion industry for a long time and I can adequately condemn and exalt it, do not forget, I am a snob.


9. Perfectly dressed girl from stylist Kiril Savchenko, what is she like?

It may sound loud, but the ideal dressed woman for my taste is my mother.


10. The formula for success of Kirill Savchenko?

The formula for success is to revise your closet every half a year and give away things that are more than 2 years old.

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